Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic couples or exchanging gifts. Anyone can use this day to spread the love in all their life relationships, especially the one with yourself. Treat yourself. Be nice to strangers. Connect with the people in your everyday life. Make a difference.

If you need some Valentine’s Day inspiration, take them from our Teen Line volunteers.  Whatever you do, make sure that you do it with love.

1. For me, Valentine’s Day is all about surrounding yourself with people you love, whether romantic or a friendship. To embrace this thought, I usually go out to dinner with my friends and family. – Sloan, age 17

2. I’m going to be going on a “date” with my best friend! We are going to treat each other and have an amazing time. Neither of us are in relationships and want to practice self-love and love in a friendship! – Adia, age 16

3. On Valentine’s Day, my friends make each other really dumb valentines cards based on inside jokes or puns from our names. Like “thanks for being AVAilable” or “you butter my biscuits”. Just dumb stuff to lighten the mood. – Paola, age 15

4. At school, everyone sends each other roses on valentine’s day, and me and my friends send them to each other, so no one feels left out, lonely, or unwanted. – Eve, age 17

5. A great way to spend Valentine’s day is to take it as a day to celebrate not just romantic relationships, but all kinds of relationships with people close to you. Put away time to have a chat with one of your friends who you don’t talk to every day, or even a more distant relative. – Hayden, age 17

6. Last year me and my best friend ordered a heart shaped pizza and watched Valentine’s Day. We kind of just treat it as holiday like Halloween. – Daniella, age 17

7. On Valentine’s Day I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and good about myself, eat food that is nourishing and yummy, and spend time with people who I feel like I can be myself around. – Eleanor, age 17

8. Treat myself to chocolates! Or spend time with my friends! – Kimia, Age 17

9. Last year I brought little heart pins for all of my friends on Valentine’s Day. Something small like that can make a big difference! – Pearl, age 14

10. Take the time to do something for yourself (i.e. bubble bath, face mask, watch your favorite TV show). – Kayla, age 18

11. On Valentine’s Day, I always try to show my love and affection for my friends and family. I think valentine’s day is the perfect day to celebrate all forms of love. – Sophie, age 17

12. Valentine’s Day can be super tough because you feel pressure to be in a relationship. But know that you can still have a great time on Valentine’s Day even if you aren’t in a relationship. Make it a day all about yourself and your friends. Just hang out and have a great time! – Anusha, Age 18

13. On Valentines, we always have Galentines potluck party. Everyone gets together the Friday before or after the holiday. It’s my favorite holiday because of this! – Jane, age 17

14. I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as necessarily romantic. I think of it as an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate and let people know that you care about them. I spend time with friends and enjoy the positive energy in the air– because love always makes things better. – Izzy, age 18


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