The Importance of Friendship

Friendship by Rainier Martin Ampongan
Friendship by Rainier Martin Ampongan


Being a teen is hard- you’re just starting to figure yourself out, gain independence, and are learning how to balance all of your responsibilities. Through these years, it is so important to have a strong support system. A support system is a group of people, or even one person, who are there for you emotionally. It is a person you can turn to when you need someone to listen to any issue you might be going through.

This person might be a teacher, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or even a school counselor. However, I’ve found that there is one group of people who form the best support system – your friends.

Friendship are bonds between people who have something in common, and friends are able to empathize with each other. It is so vital to have a person who understands the struggle of being a teen. Even if your friend doesn’t understand your specific issue, they are there for you as someone to talk to, even if it is just to rant about your day.

I have often felt that though I can go to an adult with a problem, they don’t always understand what I am feeling. Sometimes they don’t have time to listen, or just try to solve my problem. A lot of the time, parents try to ‘fix’ their kids’ issues, without really taking the time to understand what their kid is feeling. This can be so frustrating, and is also why friendship is so essential.

There is nothing like a friend who can help you work through your issue and make you feel better by checking in with you, listening to what you are feeling, and just being there for you to laugh with.

– by Sofia, 16



  • To be honest friend ship are important but I never really had that one friend that stayed with me through my tough time or when I just needed someone. For friends always come and go they kind just use me.

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