The Dark Place: TEEN LINE Podcast Interview

The Dark Place is a podcast that offers “Honest Conversations About Mental Health.” TEEN LINE is honored to be the first resource featured on the podcast as the “Light Place,” episode 13. Joel Kutz sat down with one of our staff members, Chris, to talk about the work we do and offer listeners a resource if they are a teen in need of more support.

To hear the interview, you can listen on iTunes at this link:

Or, you can check out his website:

If you feel inspired to share your story, please do reach out to Joel! The podcast is really well done and if you don’t live in Los Angeles, he is open to brainstorming ways to get your story told on the podcast. Joel has such a way with words and a calming presence, that he easily creates a safe space for people to open up and speak from the heart. You may even hear some of your own stories or struggles with the people he interviews.

Joel – thank you for shining a light on the dark places.


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