The plight of runaway, abandoned and abused teenagers is one that cannot be ignored and can be difficult to address. The TEEN LINE helpline program has been a tremendous force over the last two decades in reaching out to these troubled teens and providing a vital resource and support system.

  • – Thomas M. Priselac, President and CEO
  • Cedars-Sinai Health System

On behalf of the men and women of the LAPD, I would like to express my appreciation for the service that TEEN LINE has provided to law enforcement over the past seven years. TEEN LINE has become more than a teen-to-teen hotline. … The LAPD and citizens of Los Angeles have greatly benefited from your participation. We are grateful to have the support of your organization.

  • – William J. Bratton, Chief of Police
  • Los Angeles Police Department

The community speaks about TEEN LINE

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you again for your presentation for Murrieta Valley High School and Vista Murrieta High School. To assure you that your message saves lives, one of our office staff in the District Office shared with me that her son recently attempted suicide. He took a large amount of pills and called a friend. That friend while on the phone encouraged him to go downstairs and tell his mom. Through the advice of his friend, her son came down and informed mom of what he just did. They immediately rushed him to the hospital and got him the care he needed. … I truly believe it was the encouragement of the friend that saved his life and I know it was the message that you shared with our students that led his friend to encourage him to go downstairs and tell his mom. Thank you!

  • – John Vandenburgh, Coordinator Student Support
  • Murrieta Valley Unified School District

“TEEN LINE is a program that offers support and answers to adolescents regarding a myriad of mental, social and physical health issues … The school presentations are excellent … I highly recommend the TEEN LINE program to all educational and community adolescent institutions.”

  • – Randall Fenderson, Health Teacher
  • Fairfax High School

TEEN LINE‘s Outreach has been coming to our Health classes here at Wilson High School in East Los Angeles for the last several years … They definitely make students feel at ease…on issues that are of concern. I would strongly recommend this agency to any student who is going through high school who feels they cannot talk openly to other significant people in their life.

  • – David Kravetz, Health Teacher
  • Wilson High School

The TEEN LINE presentation to our school was professional, well received and our students were very interested in participating in the program. There are some areas where teen presenters can reach students where adults cannot … TEEN LINE‘s teen run program is one of those services in our community. We highly recommend them.

  • – Patty Lancaster, Counselor
  • Archer School for Girls

On behalf of the 350 students and teachers who heard your TEEN LINE presentations last semester, I thank you. Students respond well in small groups … I often hear teachers talk about the effectiveness of the panels. Also, the TEEN LINE directories are wonderfully helpful. Thank you again for what you do and how you do it. You have a cheer squad for TEEN LINE here at Venice.

  • – Wendy F. Fairbanks, Impact Coordinator
  • Venice High School

“A warm thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your time, experience and wisdom. We truly appreciate your outreach program. This was invaluable for my 9th graders.”

  • – Denise Mahdesian, Counselor
  • Brentwood High School

“The TEEN LINE presentation was great, it was stimulating and informative. Students were able to receive critical information on issues that pertain to them from a student’s point of view. TEEN LINE will definitely be invited to come back next year.”

  • – Jorge Torres, Counselor
  • Leuzinger High School

TEEN LINE provides the local community with a great resource. Not only are teens available to talk with other teens on the telephone hotline, but young people are available to meet in person and impact other young people with their personal stories.

  • – Josie Breger, LCSW Counselor
  • New Roads School

We are so fortunate to have a program like TEEN LINE available for our youth to contact no matter what issues they are facing. The Youth Yellow Pages have, and continue to be, a great resource for them as well as TEEN LINE‘s terrific website which has so much great information.  Thanks for being there.

  • – Brenda Rappaport
  • Fairfax High School

You guys are awesome and are heroes to everyone. Keep doing what you are doing and never give up.

  • – Anonymous
  • Taft High School

It’s great to know there are hotlines like this. That people listen and help save lives and make differences.

  • – Anonymous, 9th Grade
  • James Monroe High School