Teen Line Welcomes Julio Hernandez, EdD to Board of Directors

Julio Hernandez is an Assistant Principal at John Marshall High School, with over 20 years experience working in both middle and high schools. Julio has earned various degrees including his Doctorate and two Masters degrees and has been lucky enough to have lived in both London and Barcelona during his undergraduate college years. These experiences abroad bolstered his love of learning and broaden his understanding of different cultures and people. 

His hope is for schools to be an environment of unconditional positive regard for all children, where they are welcomed, supported and nurtured to their highest self and spring boarded to their next endeavor with the tools and skills necessary to accomplish their goals. He knows that Teen Line can help them achieve these goals by providing emotional support through their services and cultivating empathy and providing mentorship to their teen volunteers. He uses the word “child” intentionally because he realizes that although they may be teens, they are someone’s child. He is excited about working with the Teen Line Board and being a part of its continued growth.


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