Teen Line Tribute to Founder Dr. Elaine Leader

Elaine Leader always dreamt of making a difference in this world but never knew how. That dream became a reality with the birth of Teen Line in 1980. As its Executive Director until May, 2015, she helped the program develop into an amazing opportunity for teens to assist their peers through a hotline and community outreach service. Leading up to this accomplishment was her previous experience as Coordinator of Adolescent Group Psychotherapy Training at Cedars-Sinai where she was a clinical social worker from 1972-1994.

While developing the Teen Line program, Dr. Leader also continued seeing patients in her private practice and kept busy with writing articles and book reviews for professional journals. Her chapter, “Teen Line: A Listening Post for Troubled Youth” appears in the book, Group Therapy with Children and Adolescents, published by the American Psychiatric Press, in 1996.

Dr. Leader has received many honors over the years, from the 1964 University of London Mark Of Distinction in Social Work to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Award in 2000. She is most proud of the Crisis Centers Excellence Award from the American Association of Suicidology which she accepted on behalf of Teen Line in 2009. Teen Line is definitely Elaine Leader’s special baby.

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  • How inspiring Dr Leaders commentment is! I have always love children of all ages! I remember the very day I saw 2 children come in an ER when I was a volunteer at the age of 13! I remember how awful I felt to see these 2 little babies ages 3& 5 they were in dirty diapers and neither one of them could talk! Their parents suffered with addiction! So they were severely neglected at that point I was truly positive I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to help those kids! I remember asking the Head RN what will happen to those kids she said well they will probably go to a foster home and that really upset me! I wanted to help them but I was too young but I vowed that I would become a nurse someday so I could help people! I still want to help child today I feel it’s so important for them to be able to talk to their parents openly and thank God I have that relationship with my own children but I need more education to be more prepared for The Teenage Years!! So I’m very happy and grateful too Dr Leaders course that I can take online! God Bless All the volernteers at the center! Thank you for your commitment to helping others ! Our kids need all the help they can get today especially nowadays there is so many things we are discovering and finally opening our eyes up too! Thank you once again for your services to all involved!!!

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