Teen Line & The LAPD

Since 1996, Teen Line has partnered with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to educate police when handling teen suicide victims and their families, and to sensitize police officers to the needs of suicidal adolescents. Teen Line’s training includes understanding adolescents in crisis, how to recognize signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide, self -injury, sexual assault and trauma. We now train:

  • LAPD Juvenile Procedures School
  • LAPD Mayor’s Office Crisis Response Team (CRT)
  • LAPD Cadet Academy & LAPD Cadet Posts
  • LAPD Youth Service Officers (YSO) Teen Crisis Training

Teen Line is honored to be included in the LAPD Strategic Plan laid out by the Chief. Our work with the Cadet Program was recognized in their just released Quarterly Report.


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