Teen Line Call-A-Thon

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Teen Line presents our very first Teen led Call-A-Thon! Capping off the last day of #nspw we are extending our Hotline phone, text & email hours from 4 hours to 12 hours from 12pm -12am!

This event is a Teen Led fundraiser creatively thought out and brought to you by our Teen Volunteers. You have the opportunity to sponsor our Teens as they work on our Hotline answering phone calls, text messages, and emails from around the world. By extending our hours we hope to reach and help as many teens as possible.

To sponsor a hotline listener, please CLICK HERE

Teen Line is a teen-to-teen crisis hotline and community outreach program dedicated to providing a safety net for teenagers before their problems reach a crisis point. Teen Line provides a safe place to talk things out with another teen who can understand and will listen, but not judge. This simple act of listening can make a huge difference – sometimes a life-saving one.



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