Teen Line at Models of Pride 2018

On Saturday, October 20, 2018 Teen Line attended Models of Pride, the largest FREE conference for LGBTQ youth & allies, including parents & professionals at Cal State Los Angeles. The full-day event included an Opening Session, over 130 workshops, lunch, a resource fair, college fair, job fair, dinner, entertainment hour, and outdoor dance party.

Models of Pride is an event that Teen Line looks forward to every year. Our Teen Listeners are always eager to speak to other LGBTQ Youth and Allies about their shared experiences and how we can better empower one another.

In addition to having a Teen Line booth at the resource fair, Teen Line held a sold out a workshop called “Saving LGBTQ Lives: Teen Suicide Prevention.” The workshop teaches about the warning signs of suicide and depression and the importance of teens not keeping the secret when a friend confides suicidal thinking. We also explored what to say and how to access appropriate help so that teens can be prepared if they were ever in that situation. During the workshop teens were able to share their experiences and support each other.

We thank LifeWorks for inviting us and for creating such a uniquely powerful event to support LGBTQ Youth and Allies.



  • I think you are doing a fantastic thing. I would love to see how I could do something to help raise awareness here in Orange County. I am very interested in starting something out in Orange County related to Teen Empowerment workshops. It’s my passion to raise awareness. Having a safe and open forum, to support teens with challenges that they face today. And raise future leaders…

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