Teen Suicide Prevention Brochure

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Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. Many people who end their life by suicide are depressed and feel hopeless in escaping their pain. It is important to remember that not all depressed people consider suicide. However, there are warning signs that may indicate someone is suicidal. Perhaps you have noticed these signs in a friend, acquaintance or even yourself…

How Can You Know If It’s Serious?

It’s always “serious” – someone who is thinking about suicide is going through some pretty painful times. Teens often feel suicidal and it’s always important to help them talk to someone – a friend, therapist, family member or Teen Line.
Although not everyone who feels depressed thinks seriously about suicide, a person may be more in danger of making an attempt:

  • if they have a method planned out
  • if they have the means to carry out the method
  • if they have a specific date or time for the attempt
  • if they know, respect or idealize another person who has attempted or died by suicide
  • if the anniversary of a major loss (a death, a relationship break-up, etc.) is approaching

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