Where You Go to College Isn’t Everything

I am following this college admission cheating scandal with rapt attention and horror.  I wish I could say I was surprised.  In many ways, my surprise is that we haven’t heard of this type of thing sooner.  While I firmly believe in personal responsibility and ethics, and am not excusing anyone’s wrongdoing, I see how […]

How to Handle Your Troubled Teenager

We are lucky to have a guest blogger this week, Lucy Taylor.  Thank you Lucy! Teenagers are often volatile, though some are more volatile than others. While some teenagers handle their minds and bodies reaching adulthood by getting plenty of rest and playing with their electronics, other teenagers act and react in worrying ways. If […]

How to Get Your Teen to Put Down Pot

We are very lucky to have a guest blog this week on a very relevant issue parents are facing. Thank you to Sara Gillbert and her team at The Recovery Village® With the legalization of recreational marijuana spreading through the nation, more teens are looking to get their hands on the substance to either try […]

For Parents: Support around 13 Reasons Why

  The long anticipated 13 Reasons Why return is tomorrow. Netflix has been receptive to many of the criticisms of the first season, and the results of a study through Northwestern University about the show’s impact. There will be more trigger warnings, resources given, and actors stepping out of character to talk about mental health […]

PLEASE Talk to Your Teens About Suicide

This post is a compilation of previous posts, so it may sound familiar to some of you, but the content is always timely.     Parents: Please don’t be afraid to discuss suicide with your teens In the last two days, I have heard of two teenage deaths by suicide. In one of them, the […]

How the “Race to College” is Impacting our Kids

There has been a nearly 37% increase in adolescent depression from 2005-2014.   (Pediatrics, November 2016).   Today’s teens report levels of stress that are higher than adults, exceeding levels that are healthy. (American Psychological Association, 2014). Suicide rates, particularly among adolescent girls, doubled from 2007-2014 and reached a 40 year high in 2014 (CDC, 2017). WHAT […]

Back To School Blues? You’re Not Alone

Back to school….Three little words that evoke a variety of emotions for parents and teens alike. For parents, back to school means more juggling, more conflicts about getting schoolwork done, tougher mornings, and more drama.  Although the structure of a school day and week is definitely nice. For our teens, it’s generally not fun to […]

Ten Important Reminders for Parents of Teens and Tweens

Our friends in the UK, Rayden Solicitors, have graciously agreed to let us share their recent blog post written by Nadia Biles Davies about a seminar Rayden recently hosted.   Her top 10 takeaways are a must read! Last week saw Rayden Solicitors host a panel of experts at our Supporting Teens and Tweens Seminar […]

A Few Minutes for Yourself Can Get Rid of Stress

This week we are lucky to have a guest blogger, Sarah Jones.  Sarah writes for Relax Everyday where she teaches her readers about the different relaxation strategies to achieve a healthier mind and body. By doing so, she helps to express her knowledge on meditation, relaxation, and massages. I know I can always use tips […]

Summer Must Reads

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. End of school year craziness and then the beginning of summer have thrown me off. While I haven’t been writing, I’ve definitely been reading. Here are some of my “favorite” articles of late. I hope you’ll learn from them like I have. Raising “good” kids is […]

We Need to Teach our Teens What a Healthy Relationship Is

Sexual harassment, misogyny, “slut shaming.” The Making Caring Common Project out of Harvard University, released new research this week about the disturbingly high rates of these behaviors in today’s young people.  Their national survey of 18 to 25-year-old “reports 87% percent of women reported having experienced at least one of the following during their lifetime: […]

13 Reasons Why is Not Going Away

I can’t believe it.  Five weeks later and people are still talking about 13 Reasons Why. Amidst all the critique, teens have risen up to create hope.  This week, Oxford High School students created “13 Reasons Why Not.”  If this doesn’t speak to the power of teens helping teens, I don’t know what does. I am still […]

More 13 Reasons Why

It’s hard to believe, but two weeks later, 13 Reasons Why is still a huge topic. I recently wrote a guide for parents and educators that you can find on the main page of our website. If you’re interested in learning or discussing more, I encourage you to reach out through this blog, or “like” […]

13 Reasons Why: Helpful or Harmful?

  13 Reasons Why (13RW) was released on Netflix last week (3/31/17) amid much fanfare. Jay Asher’s 2007 book had a large following, and the idea of a show based off that book took off. Trailers were everywhere, and many, including myself, were intrigued. 13 Reasons Why is about a teenaged girl, Hannah Baker, who […]

The Power of a Simple Letter (#xplan)

  One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve seen lately is the X Plan, from Burt Fulks, a father of three. In a nutshell, the X plan enables a teen to text the letter “X” to their parents or siblings when they are in a potentially dangerous situation. The parent or sibling will […]

Making Peace with “Good Enough”

Accepting what is, parent the child you have, remember your child is not you. These are the themes I stress in parent talks as ways to cultivate your child’s positive self-image and improve the parent-child relationship. Why then am I finding it so difficult to follow my own advice? Not surprisingly, it’s much easier for […]

The Importance of the “Soft Skills”

How is it that so many people who didn’t go to “Ivy League” colleges manage to be very successful? And how do some “average” students manage to be more well-rounded and successful than overachievers? The answers can be found in the “soft skills.” In today’s dynamic world, the ability to interact well with others, to […]

We Can’t Ignore the Dangers of the Online World

  In the last two weeks, I have heard of a rape and sextortion case both related to the app Kik. The rape involved a college student who met up in person with a man she had been corresponding with online. Their meeting took a tragic turn when he drove her to a secluded area […]