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Coronavirus Support Continued….

It’s still rough out there.  My own two childrens’ schools have closed for the academic year which means no graduation for either of them.  “Zoom school” is vastly different between their two schools, and even at its best (thank you teachers!), it doesn’t substitute for real school.  My family has never spent so much time […]

Coronavirus Support

There’s no doubt, COVID-19 has upended all of our lives.  We are living in unprecedented times with no concrete end in sight.  Uncertainty breeds anxiety, and being housebound can create or exacerbate conflict.  Developmentally, teens are moving away from their dependence on their parents, and spending more time with peers.  This “stay at home” directly […]

How to Help Your Teen Through the Coronavirus Shutdown

It’s a very uncertain time that’s for sure.  We don’t know how long this current state is going to last, which is scary.  Events are being cancelled right and left, which can throw all of us into a tailspin.  The activities our teens love and look forward to (sports, dances, trips, etc.) are on hold, […]