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Suicide Rates In Young Adults: Education And Prevention

This week, we are grateful to Pat McGraw at the Prevention Coalition for a guest post on such an important topic.  You can reach Pat at pat@thepreventioncoalition.org. Photo via Pixabay by Cparks Suicide affects many families across the U.S. each year, and unfortunately it has a long reach; far from being a serious problem only for adults, […]

Reflections on a New Year

  Another year has come and gone.   Another opportunity to make (and if you’re like me, break) New Year’s resolutions. Maybe this will be the year I exercise more, eat more vegetables, or yell less at my kids. Sound familiar? One thing I am going to commit to more this year is being “present.”   If […]

For Many Men, the Struggle is Real

In the last year and a half, I have been connected peripherally to 4 deaths by suicide. All four were white, middle to upper socioeconomic class men in their 40s, all four of them fathers. The statistics say that this specific group’s rate of death by suicide is rising. I don’t have intimate knowledge of […]