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How to Handle Your Troubled Teenager

We are lucky to have a guest blogger this week, Lucy Taylor.  Thank you Lucy! Teenagers are often volatile, though some are more volatile than others. While some teenagers handle their minds and bodies reaching adulthood by getting plenty of rest and playing with their electronics, other teenagers act and react in worrying ways. If […]

How to Get Your Teen to Put Down Pot

We are very lucky to have a guest blog this week on a very relevant issue parents are facing. Thank you to Sara Gillbert and her team at The Recovery Village® With the legalization of recreational marijuana spreading through the nation, more teens are looking to get their hands on the substance to either try […]

For Parents: Support around 13 Reasons Why

  The long anticipated 13 Reasons Why return is tomorrow. Netflix has been receptive to many of the criticisms of the first season, and the results of a study through Northwestern University about the show’s impact. There will be more trigger warnings, resources given, and actors stepping out of character to talk about mental health […]