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The Power of a Simple Letter (#xplan)

  One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve seen lately is the X Plan, from Burt Fulks, a father of three. In a nutshell, the X plan enables a teen to text the letter “X” to their parents or siblings when they are in a potentially dangerous situation. The parent or sibling will […]

Making Peace with “Good Enough”

Accepting what is, parent the child you have, remember your child is not you. These are the themes I stress in parent talks as ways to cultivate your child’s positive self-image and improve the parent-child relationship. Why then am I finding it so difficult to follow my own advice? Not surprisingly, it’s much easier for […]

The Importance of the “Soft Skills”

How is it that so many people who didn’t go to “Ivy League” colleges manage to be very successful? And how do some “average” students manage to be more well-rounded and successful than overachievers? The answers can be found in the “soft skills.” In today’s dynamic world, the ability to interact well with others, to […]