Teen Line Outreach

TEEN LINE has the unique ability to connect with teenagers because teens form the core of our organization … they speak the same language. We created our teen-to-teen Hotline and Community Outreach Program over 30 years ago, offering teenagers a “safe haven” – a place to talk things out with another teen in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

Teens call because they trust us.

We offer different outreach presentations that are great for schools or community organizations. Whenever possible, presentations include our TEEN LINE Listeners to help answer any questions about applying, training, and the hotline experience itself. Outreach services are tailored to accommodate different schedules and populations, though we need at least 45 minutes!

We can accommodate groups as large as assemblies, yet our presentations truly shine in classrooms. Hosting a resource fair? We’d love to have a space!  Our services are offered in the GREATER LOS ANGELES area.


More than a hotline...Outreach!
Focuses on the overall TEEN LINE program and volunteer opportunities. We cover the five most common types of calls received on the hotline and how they are handled by Teen Line, with discussion and demonstration experientially.
TEEN LINE / LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities
What are the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation? LGBTQ stands for…? We will discuss what it means to be an ally, including how to give and get support.
Discusses the issue of bullying, including the different forms.
We talk about the sensitive issue of teen suicide. It includes discussion of the warning signs and how to help a depressed or suicidal friend.
This presents the warning signs of teen suicide and how best for officers to interact with teens in crisis and their families.
These interactive workshops focus upon improving parent-teen communication, as well as educating parents about “the scary stuff” and teaching them how to address difficult situations with their teen.
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If you have questions about any of our outreach presentations,
please contact TEEN LINE’s Outreach Coordinator, Aubrey Abuana, at outreach@teenlineonline.org

Outreach Presenters:

SPA 2  – Reyna Hernandez

SPA 4 & SPA 5  – Bree Jensen

For questions regarding Parenting Workshops, please contact our Program Director, Cheryl Karp Eskin, M.A., M.F.T. at 310-423-1604, Cheryl@teenlineonline.org.

For all outreach presentations except Parenting Workshops, please be sure to fill out our Outreach Presentation sheet below if you would like Teen Line to come to your school or organization.

SUBMISSION OF OUTREACH FORM IS NOT CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING.  Once we receive your form, you will be contacted by our Outreach Coordinator to confirm details.