My friend’s dad is abusing her and I’m scared she’s going to commit suicide.

Female, 14 years old, Netherlands


My friend from school is cutting herself and I am scared that she is gonna commit suicide because her dad is abusing her, he hits her and I am scared that one day she stops fighting.

Teen Line Wrote:

Thank you so much for reaching out. It was so brave of you. You are being such a good friend by contacting us. It must be so stressful to know that your friend is cutting herself and that her father abuses her. It sounds like because your friend is going through such a hard time that it has taken a toll on you. Being nervous that your friend may commit suicide is super hard to handle on top of teen stuff. I don’t want to leave you hanging without any resources so I hope these websites help you out.

I know this email was meant to benefit your friend but I also really care about your mental health through this whole process and want to give you some ways to handle the stress. There is a great website called: that has 99 ways to cope with whatever is stressing you out.

You can also check out this app called “A Friend Asks.” It is an easy way to access a guide to warning signs, resources, and ways to help friends who may be suicidal.

There is a great YouTuber named Kati Morton who makes amazing videos about everything from social anxiety to suicide. She has a great playlist about depression and self-harm which may be educational for you but also helpful for your friend. Here is the link: and

Also, you said she struggles with self harm and so there is this project called the Butterfly project. The whole thing is explained on the website, but it is basically a creative way some people use to stop cutting:

Finally, the Netherlands has a great website for kids suffering with child abuse:

You can also call us at (310) 855-4673 from 6pm-10pm  PST or visit our message boards at

I hope your friend finds the help they need and that this email helps you de-stress yourself.


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