In Loving Memory

Matthew Silverman

Following Matthew Silverman’s tragic death in 2006 at the age of 18; this fund was established to support TEEN LINE’s hotline, outreach efforts and programs.

Matthew’s parents became involved with TEEN LINE to work towards a common goal – provide a resource for teens in crisis and to raise awareness about suicide. Kathy Silverman serves on the TEEN LINE Board of Directors. Ron Silverman volunteers his time as a speaker for TEEN LINE and he is a vital part of the suicide prevention and sensitivity training TEEN LINE provides to the LAPD Juvenile Division and other adolescent-serving agencies. TEEN LINE honored Matthew’s parents in 2008 by presenting them with our Humanitarian Award.

Donations Received

$573,155 Raised by 271 donors

Recent Donations

$1000November 28, 2018Kathy SilvermanIn Honor of Matthew Silverman
$500November 27, 2018Ronald SilvermanIn memory of Matthew Silverman
$100April 15, 2018Francis & Lani YamazakiIn memory of Matt Silverman
$250January 2, 2018Bert DeixlerIn memory of Matthew Silverman
$500December 22, 2016Jonny Schoenmember Hillcrest Country Club
$150January 25, 2016Linda May
$100November 20, 2014Paula Kuhns


  • While we did not know Ron or Kathy or their son Matthew, Ron took time out of his very busy life to help me survive the death of our Matthew. Supporting the Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation directly supports Teen Line’s vital work on behalf of teens.

  • Such a sad time when another young person dies. My prayers are with his family and friends. Even if we did not know him face to face, he will be missed dearly.

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