In Loving Memory

Matthew Mezza

On January 14, 2011 Matthew Solomon Mezza inexplicably took steps to end his life and passed away the next morning. He was only 14 years old. Matthew enjoyed math, science, creative writing and drawing. He played many sports and two months before his death he made the Santa Monica High Baseball team and was drafted as a pitcher. He was active at his synagogue Youth Group and on Sundays he volunteered as a teaching assistant at the religious school.

Matthew’s suicide came as a complete shock to his family, friends and teachers. He loved hanging out with his family and he maintained friendships that spanned from preschool and kindergarten all the way to high school. Matthew exhibited all of the most treasured human qualities and was recognized and admired for his kindness, generosity of spirit, eternal optimism and his passion for working to make the world a better place. The Matthew Mezza Memorial Fund was created by his family to support Teen Line’s outreach programs in his memory.

Donations Received

$76,864 Raised by 415 donors

Recent Donations

$100December 12, 2018Karl Fenske
$500December 10, 2018Peter Mezza & Eleanor SchneirIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100December 10, 2018Eric VogelIn Memory Of Matthew Mezza
$500December 6, 2018Peter Mezza & Eleanor SchneirIn memory of Peter Mezza
$50December 5, 2018Irit Raz-McBride
$100December 5, 2018Nina LiebermanIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$103November 26, 2018Dr. Elaine LeaderIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$25.00August 8, 2018Diane Rose
$25August 4, 2018Anonymous
$1000July 18, 2018Peter Mezza & Eleanor Schneir
$50June 11, 2018Judith ZevinWe Remember
$100June 11, 2018Joseph PertelThinking of you and your family.
$100June 4, 2018Anne GeffnerIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$50June 4, 2018Kimberly CanterIn memory of Matthew.
$50June 4, 2018Natasha BrownEven without ever meeting him Matthew has touched my life. Thank you.
$25June 4, 2018Dr. Steven & Ellen AaronsonIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$200May 31, 2018Felicia MizrahiWe love you! Shylah, Aliya and Nori
$200May 31, 2018Michelle RotbergIn Memory Of Matthew Mezza. Always thinking of you.
$100May 31, 2018Rita SchneirIn Memory Of Matthew Mezza. Missing you every day.
$25May 30, 2018Dr. Elaine LeaderIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$25May 29, 2018Jacquelyn LyonIn Memory Of Matthew Schneir
$50May 29, 2018Verah BradfordIn Honor Of Mathew Mezza All good light Mathew.
$25May 23, 2018Beverly ZalkindIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100May 22, 2018Gerald Bayete
$100May 2, 2018Barbara Stinchfield
$1000April 24, 2018Peter Mezza & Eleanor Schneir
$54April 18, 2018I. & G. Schneir
$2000March 28, 2018Petter Mezza & Eleanor Schneir
$500March 26, 2018Peter Mezza & Eleanor Schneir
$150March 22, 2018Janet FattalIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$54January 25, 2018Fern Avidon-SafierIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$250January 25, 2018Oscar ScreminIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100January 24, 2018Laurie LiebermanIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100January 12, 2018Debby, Maddie & Dave TillipmanIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100January 11, 2018Judith MeisterIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100January 11, 2018Marsha ZvonkinIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$18January 10, 2018Hallie RosenIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$50December 31, 2017Diane WisemanThinking of you
$100December 29, 2017Nancy LaemmleIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$100December 26, 2017Eric VogelWe miss Matthew so much, and hope this helps a teen in need.
$180December 20, 2017Gary SchneirWe love and miss you!
$50December 18, 2017Nancy Nowlin-FinchIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$50December 18, 2017Beverly ZalkindIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$50December 18, 2017Irit Raz-McBrideIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$150December 18, 2017Janet FattalIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$50December 18, 2017Alan and Judy StockerIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$200December 13, 2017Julie TarenIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$500December 12, 2017Joan CrokerIn memory of Matthew Mezza
$1000December 2, 2017Christine ThomasAlways in our hearts XO Doug and Chris Thomas
$500June 30, 2017Joan CrokerIn honor of your 60th, and what would have been Matt's 20th birthdays. Stay strong.
$100June 10, 2017Anne GeffnerA hundred kisses, always. Love Anne
$54June 9, 2017Gail JaffeMy your son's memory be for a blessing.
$50June 6, 2017Jerry ZevinIn honor of Matthew's 21st Birthday. We think about your family often and send our love.
$100June 6, 2017Anonymous
$35June 5, 2017Susan Rabinovitz
$50June 4, 2017David BennettMay Matthew's legacy be one of acts of kindness, and may his memory be for a blessing, now and always.
$500June 1, 2017Morleigh SteinbergThank you Mezza Family for sending your email through Samohi- PALS
$50June 1, 2017Haaris Syed
$25May 31, 2017Anonymous
$50May 31, 2017Tracey BrucknerIn honor of Matthew, may his memory fill your heart ❤️ With Love, Mitch & Tracey
$50May 31, 2017Anonymous
$50May 31, 2017Anonymous
$126May 31, 2017Yas Baravarian
$25May 31, 2017Anonymous
$250May 31, 2017Anonymous
$100May 30, 2017Julia KnoxFor Matthew, and for his parents. And for CC, who was the voice of my generation.
$100May 30, 2017Aparna Voleti
$50May 29, 2017Liz Grossman
$50May 29, 2017Karen Salk
$50May 29, 2017Marc Lewinstein
$18May 29, 2017Anonymous
$25May 29, 2017Elaine WittertIn memory of Matthew on his 21st Birthday. With love, Elaine Wittert & family
$100May 29, 2017Joseph PertelIn memory of Matthew Mezza on his 21st birthday. I will be thinking of Matthew and his wonderful, remarkable parents on the 31st.
$50May 29, 2017Alan FriedenbergIn honor of Matthew Mezza whose life was full but shortened by an outcry for help. Matt will always be in my heart.
$100May 29, 2017Mindi and Eric VogelMissing Matthew everyday.
$36May 26, 2017Amanda GamerIn memory of Matthew Mezza on his 21st birthday - remembered for his kindness and generous spirit. May his memory be a blessing always. And in honor of Ellie and Peter who do so much to improve this world.
$500April 15, 2017Nancy LaemmleThis donation is in Honor of Stephanie Bronson... and in Memory of Matthew Mezza. Love, Tish & Greg
$25March 30, 2017Lisa DavisonI saw that you made a donation to The Zuczek Family. As a mother and member of the Santa Monica community, I admire your compassion and strength.
$100January 25, 2017Zone & Patty HobsonWe donate this in memory of Matthew Mezzanine. Perhaps this can help just 1 person. A son/daughter can never be replaced. The burden is devestating to the family. We are sure Matthew brought light to many lives!
$100January 13, 2017Bella McGowanIn loving memory of Matthew. The McGowan Family
$100January 10, 2017Barbara Turner
$25January 7, 2017Steven Aaronson
$100December 31, 2016Christine Thomas
$200December 31, 2016Julie TarenI would like the donation split between a general donation and the other half to the Matthew Mezza memorial fund.
$100December 30, 2016Cynthia SherrillWe continue to be inspired by Matthew Mezza and his family.
$100December 29, 2016Rita & Gerald SchneirIn memory of our dear grandson, Matthew Mezza
$100December 28, 2016Nancy Nowlin-Finch
$200December 25, 2016Linda Lebovitz
$750August 28, 2016JOAN CrokerAlways thinking of you
$50July 18, 2016Susan FettermanFor the cherished memory of Rita and Jerry's Grandson Matthew and thoughts of comfort for their daughter Ellie. Love, Susan and Harold
$100June 29, 2016Barbara Turner
$50June 24, 2016Anonymous
$25June 16, 2016Darcie Wolfe
$50June 12, 2016Susan RabinovitzIn memory of Matthew. Susan and Curren
$25June 9, 2016Leslie ParkerWith heartfelt love and compassion for Ellie, Peter and all those affected.
$100June 7, 2016Annette SiefertWe will always remember the little blonde haired blue eyed boy full of wonder and energy. Love to you all.
$100June 5, 2016Sheryl Cooper
$100June 5, 2016Gerald PicusEven time cannot ease the pain of Matthew's loss; we hope these contributions will protect others. Joy and Gerry Picus
$50June 5, 2016Anonymous
$36June 2, 2016David BennettThinking of you, Ellie and Peter, and of your beautiful son. May his memory be for a blessing. With much love, Dave Bennett and Beth Huppin
$50May 31, 2016Anonymous
$25May 31, 2016David Saling
$50May 31, 2016Anonymous
$25May 31, 2016Anonymous
$25May 31, 2016Ryan Wolfe
$50May 31, 2016Anonymous
$36May 30, 2016Leesa FieldsIn memory of Matthew Mezza from Jonathan Band and Leesa Fields
$100May 30, 2016Irit Raz McBrideMatthew will always be in our hearts with great love, we miss him and remember him. Big hug to Ellie & Peter.
$25May 30, 2016Anonymous
$50May 30, 2016Janice Fukai
$50May 30, 2016Anonymous
$100May 29, 2016Eric and Mindi VogelIn Honor of Matthew, missing you, and our thoughts and prayers to Ellie and Peter
$100May 28, 2016Diana WheatleyDiana Wheatley
$30May 28, 2016Sarah NoddingsI will be thinking of Matthew this Tuesday and will try to do many acts of kindness in his name and throughout the year. A wonderful young man lost too early. A wonderful family remembering someone so very special and deeply loved.
$50May 27, 2016Amanda GamerWe will do our best to live the way Matthew did - spreading kindness everywhere we go. May his memory be for a blessing. With Love, Amanda Gamer
$100May 27, 2016Cynthia Veseliza Sherrill Family
$54May 27, 2016Samy Harbert
$100May 27, 2016Anonymous
$118May 27, 2016Karen and Robert Ginsberg
$54May 27, 2016Emily ShaayaG-d bless you and your family. Sending you much strength and love. Matthew is an amazing soul.
$250May 27, 2016Anonymous
$50May 27, 2016Margy and Allan RosenbluthPlease send acknowledgement card to: Mezza/Schneir 2504 30th Street Santa Monica, CA 90405
$150May 26, 2016Karl FenskeHappy to support such a great organization in the memory of such a great soul.
$50May 16, 2016Judith Zevin
$12May 15, 2016Jerolyn & David SackmanMatthew's infectious smile and his kindness in enfolding Asher into the Bar Mitzvah group is a fond reflection we will always cherish.
$100December 31, 2015Christine ThomasAlways a joy in Kindergarten! Never forgotten❤️
$250December 31, 2015Sarah Kate McGowan
$50December 29, 2015Diane Rose
$100December 29, 2015Diana BrueggemannIn memory of our cousin Matthew Mezza and to help his family save young lives.
$100December 22, 2015Ileese Schneir
$100December 22, 2015Elaine Leader
$100September 13, 2015Eric and Mindi Vogel
$50May 31, 2015Darcie WolfeThinking of you, Matthew on your birthday. With love from Darcie, Santos and Lydia
$50May 30, 2015Meri WeingartenIn loving memory of Matthew Mezza, friend and teammate. With love to his parents Ellie and Peter - Meri and Jonah Weingarten
$50May 28, 2015Gerald ZevinWith all our love, Judy and Jerry Zevin
$50May 27, 2015Karl Fenske
$500May 18, 2015Tracy KatayamaEllie and Peter, Thank you for your strength and knowledge to help other teens and their parents. With gratitude, Tracy Katayama Esse
$35May 6, 2015Sue and Harold FettermanIn memory of the grandson of our dear friends, Rita and Jerry Schneir.
$100April 26, 2015Lynn & James Brewer
$50January 15, 2015Susan Rabinovitz
$100December 22, 2014Rita SchneirIn memory of our dear Matthew from his loving grandparents.
$100December 21, 2014Anonymous
$100December 18, 2014Arlene SchneirMatthew, We miss you every day! Love Aunt Arlene, Uncle Steve, Jordan, and Daniel.


      • Ellie & I want to again thank the hundreds of donors to Matthew’s Memorial Fund. Your ongoing financial support of Teen Line is essential to the program and the tens of thousands of teens in L.A. County, throughout the U.S. & the world who rely on Teen Line’s Hot Line and Outreach services for help. Teen Line receives no government support & relies on the generosity of people like you. THANK YOU!

      • January 15, 2017
        Ellie and I want to thank everyone who donated to Teen Line via Matthew’s Memorial during Teen Line’s recent year end campaign. Your generosity helps Teen Line continue to help teens with much needed prevention services. Please continue donating to Teen Line.

        Peter & Ellie

    • Ellie & I again want to thank those of you who have remembered Matthew today 5-31-17 on what would have been his 21st birthday. By donating to his Memorial at Teen Line you have helped tens of thousands of other teens throughout the USA & the world who reach out to Teen Line for help each year. Your contributions literally save lives. Thank You.

  • On today, the 4th anniversary of Matthew’s death, Peter and I would like to thank our family, friends and neighbors for giving so generously to Teen Line in Matthew’s memory. We always knew that Matthew would make a difference in the world, that he would change lives and even save lives. We never expected, though, that it would be in this way. We appreciate all that Teen Line does for teens all over the world and all their staff has done for us. Sending love and gratitude to you all.

  • We honor the memory of our wonderful neighbor, Matthew, growing up with all of our children in a neighborhood that treasured every child. We honor the strength, courage and love of his family to this day.

  • Ellie & I want to thank the 81 people & families who donated a total of $7,580 in our recent Mitzvah donation drive in recognition of what would have been Matthew’s 20th birthday on May 31st.

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