In Loving Memory

Juventino N. Lopez, M.D.

Juventino N. Lopez, M.D. was a long time supporter of TEEN LINE, serving on our Community Council for 20 years. Dr. Lopez had practiced psychiatry both in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and was a staff psychiatrist at Orange County Mental Health’s Adult Unit. In addition, he worked with the Camino Nuevo program doing home visits to the elderly mentally ill in addition to part-time private practice.

To honor Dr. Lopez’s contribution to TEEN LINE, The Juventino N. Lopez, MD Memorial Fund was established following his passing in 2010. This fund not only assists teens in need but also commemorates a wonderful human being who was so very loving and caring of others.

Donations Received

$8,245 Raised by 46 donors

Recent Donations

$100January 2, 2018Rosa M. SantoyoIn memory of Juventino Lopez

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