In Loving Memory

Elliot Brabson


Since 1980, Teen Line has been about teens helping teens and your support continues a legacy that is over three decades long. All donations made in memory of Elliot Brabson will allow Teen Line to:

  • Keep the communication lines open for teens that call, text and email our teen to teen hotline every year.
  • Provide a training program for over 60 teens each year that not only allows them to help their peers on the hotline, but also helps train them to be our future community leaders and mental health ambassadors.
  • Go directly into schools and community groups to reach teens and educators in order to get the conversation started about stigmatized teen issues, teach coping strategies and provide support resources.
  • Train mental health professionals on how to recognize and address the warning signs of depression and suicide, as well as build resilience in adolescent youth.

Since Teen Line operates without government support, none of this would be possible without your assistance. Thank you for your contribution that helps us to provide these valuable services.

**When donating in memory of Elliot, please choose “Memorial Gift” on the Donate page. Your donation will be added to this page shortly**

Donations Received

$31,635 Raised by 133 donors

Recent Donations

$50June 6, 2018Kori JonesElliot you will always be in my heart. LOVE, Virginia from The Oaks School
$100March 23, 2018Betsy HoffmanAs members of the Buckley community, we share in your loss.
$100March 13, 2018Bhargavi SylbertIn loving memory of Elliot. Isa, Nikha, Avi & Mark Sylbert
$2000March 6, 2018The Alberini Family FundIn memory of Elliot Brabson
$100March 5, 2018Neal RodenYou will be missed by all of us.
$100March 4, 2018Samantha Lloyd With our Deepest Sympathy, Samantha Lloyd and family
$100March 1, 2018SANDY VALENZUELAIn loving memory, God Bless
$25March 1, 2018Jackie NielsenWith deepest sympathies
$50February 28, 2018Constance Walshwith all our love Connie Aksel and Neva
$200February 28, 2018steve gutierrezOur prayers are with you.
$50February 27, 2018Emily EisenbergIn memory of Elliot, with all our love.
$100February 26, 2018Lori CowleyElliot, you will always be in our hearts - Lori & Drake Cowley
$150February 25, 2018Lori ValenzuelaFriends from 24 Hour Fitness want you to know that our hearts and thoughts are with the entire family during this most difficult time. We are so sorry for your loss.
$100February 24, 2018K.P. AndersonOur deepest sympathies.
$25February 24, 2018Ian CaineDeepest condolences to everyone. Thinking about all of you.
$50February 24, 2018Allison CeppiYou were loved.
$250February 23, 2018Joseph ShabaniIn honor of Elliot Brabson - Our hearts go out to you.
$300February 23, 2018Adriana AbregoWe miss you Elliot
$100February 23, 2018Peter RoseExtending our deepest sympathies -- from Isaac Rose and Family
$100February 23, 2018Panna GattyanIn memory of Elliot
$100February 23, 2018Amy Bassrest in peace
$150February 23, 2018Gennadiy VilchikDear Brabson family, Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow. As you grieve, know we remember you and honor the name of Elliot. With love, Gennadiy, Tatyana, Liza, Oleg
$50February 22, 2018Gina SandsSending our thoughts and love...
$3000February 21, 2018William & Tracy McCutchen and FamilyIn honor of Elliot Brabson
$100February 21, 2018Jodi ColemanSending our love & support
$25February 20, 2018Jessie & Joe Gutgsell DodsonWith love and prayers for the whole Brabson family
$100February 20, 2018Emily Howard-GantSending love...
$100February 20, 2018The Worchell FamilyIn memory of Elliot
$500February 20, 2018Ofelia KumpfIn memory of Elliott -Ofelia
$100February 19, 2018Kristina BoudreauIn memory of Elliot
$100February 19, 2018Kelly SpirerKeeping Elliot close in our hearts. Love, Peter, Kelly, Sam and Rachel Spirer
$100February 19, 2018Jane GambardellaIn memory of Elliott - my thoughts and prayers for you all.
$25February 17, 2018Tesa Bible BrownMy heart goes out to you. You are in my prayers.
$200February 17, 2018Drew and Lisa SweeneyWith A Loving Heart from a Wesley School Family
$100February 17, 2018Kristin Woxland GollaWith love and sympathy
$100February 17, 2018Sheila GennowAll our love and with deepest sympathy - Terry, Sheila, Casey and Leah
$100February 16, 2018Lloys FratesOur hearts go out to our neighbors. Lloys and Aurelia Frates
$100February 16, 2018Fitz MadridLove given is never lost. In the spirit of love, I hope the pain of Elliot's passing, in time, fades and that those who knew and loved him most, remember that love they all shared is with them forever.
$1000February 16, 2018Lyle ReebFor Elliot
$100February 16, 2018Lloys Frates
$100February 16, 2018Susan KarisThoughts & prayers continue for Elliot and your family. Susan Karis
$250February 16, 2018Virginia Bristol
$250February 15, 2018Jodynne WoodIn memory of Elliot Brabson.
$1000February 15, 2018Susan MassieThank you for being my sweet little boy.
$100February 15, 2018Kristine StebbinsOur love and thoughts are with his family today and always.
$250February 15, 2018Nina RuscioIn loving memory of Elliot - from Franz, Nina and Pearl.
$10February 15, 2018Dennis DavidIn memory of Elliot Brabson
$100February 15, 2018Matthew Clement In memory of Elliot. With deepest sympathy, -The Clement Family.
$100February 15, 2018Meghan and Chris HuntWith deepest sympathy.
$25February 15, 2018Nicole Rodriguez
$250February 15, 2018Eric WilkerA wonderful friend. Forever in our hearts
$500February 15, 2018Edgar BristolIn Memory Of Eliot Brabson
$200February 15, 2018Dorothy StingleyYour community of Women Owners send our sincere condolences to you and your family.
$1000February 15, 2018Katie Killean and FamilyIn loving memory of Elliot.
$200February 14, 2018Leila Gerstein and Nate DiMeoWith our deepest sympathy.
$100February 14, 2018Eugenia KirchnerWith love to the Brabson family and gratitude for the opportunity to help channel my grief into action, Genie Tracy Kirchner and family
$500February 14, 2018Marlene KingIn memory of Elliot. With our deepest sympathy, Emerson and the Rosenthal-King family.
$500February 14, 2018Valerie WeitzerYou’re in my thoughts and prayers
$1000February 14, 2018Theodore Hamory With much love from The Oaks School Faculty and Staff
$100February 14, 2018Cherylon MerrittDeepest and Sincere Condolences
$100February 14, 2018Neil RocklinIn Elliot’s memory and to honor him
$100February 14, 2018Kathleen LaccinoleNo words... given with much love and light. xo William Simon, and mom Kathleen
$200February 13, 2018Robyn Leuthe NorrisOur thoughts and prayers are with Elliot’s family.
$100February 13, 2018Melissa WattsOur heartfelt condolences. Love Jackson and The Watts Family.
$100February 13, 2018Elizabeth McDougallIn memory and honor of Elliot. Anday
$50February 13, 2018Nancy PorterElliot was a marvelous young man. Our thoughts are with you - Otis and Nancy
$100February 13, 2018Susan FullerWith deepest sympathies from the BB Fullers
$250February 13, 2018H John Walter IIIWith deepest sympathy, The Wesley School
$500February 13, 2018James BusbyThe Buckley community will hold Elliot in our hearts always.
$100February 13, 2018Golnaz DuncanMy love, support and prayers to the whole family. With a heavy heart, Golnaz Duncan
$250February 13, 2018Paul WingeWith love, our condolences.
$250February 13, 2018Nikolaus WalterWe are happy that we had a chance to meet and get to know Elliot. We think of you and send all our love your way. Jan and Klau
$100February 13, 2018Drew RosenbergWith our deepest sympathy and support, the Anderson Family
$50February 12, 2018Jennifer WadyOur thoughts and prayers are with you. The Wady Family.
$500February 12, 2018Joseph S. RhodesIn memory of Elliot Brabson- from Josh Rhodes
$100February 12, 2018H ParkIn memory of Elliot. You will be forever in our heart. Ashton Oh Family
$200February 12, 2018Steve EddyWith heavy hearts and great love - from The Eddy Family.
$100February 12, 2018Nicole DixWith love from the Dix Family
$250February 12, 2018Lilit GrigoryanWith deepest sympathy for the Memory Of Elliot Brabson. Zatikyan family.
$250February 12, 2018The Koehler FamilyWe are sending you love and keeping Elliot in our hearts.
$1000February 12, 2018Anonymous
$50February 12, 2018Jonathan UngerWe love you
$25February 12, 2018Karri MilesWith my deepest condolences and love to the Brabson family!!
$50February 12, 2018Brian Rector
$100February 12, 2018Nicholas AstorWith deepest sympathy for the Memory Of Elliot Brabson
$25February 12, 2018Selam TayeOur thoughts and prayers are with you. May God be with you all through this difficult time. The Abera's family
$50February 12, 2018Joan SpinelliIn honor of this young boy and his family. This is a very sad occasion. May it help in some way to prevent this. He was dearly loved and admired. A lovely young man will be sadly missed. Peace and Blessing and most sincere condolences.
$250February 12, 2018Alyssa and Eliana StanfordIn loving memory of Elliot with all of our heart
$150February 12, 2018Sarah HaskinsSending our support and love to the family.
$100February 12, 2018Karina GlosmanOur deepest sympathy
$50February 12, 2018Cortney NovogratzOur thoughts and prayers are with you. - The Novogratz Family
$100February 12, 2018ROBERT SCHNEIDERMANOur hearts are heavy. The Schneiderman Family
$100February 12, 2018Annette IversenYou will be missed and be forever in our hearts. Vale Rasmussen and family
$100February 11, 2018EVGENIA CITKOWITZ-SANDSOur deepest sympathy
$50February 11, 2018Mitchell KohnYour light will continue to shine through the support your family and friends give to Teen Line
$100February 11, 2018Joan SteenI pray that God give all of your family the strength to get through this difficult time.
$500February 11, 2018Melony HuberNo words...just love and hugs to Elliott's family and friends
$25February 11, 2018Sarah StehmanIn loving memory of Elliot.
$200February 11, 2018Suzanne RossSending our love and support to the entire family. Our heart is broken. Elliot will forever be in our memories.
$250February 11, 2018Mary McCloudSending all our love and support - Scott, Mary, Marly and Wyatt
$100February 11, 2018Terence WinterOur deepest sympathy.
$50February 11, 2018Erica GarcesIn Memory Of Elliot Brabson
$200February 11, 2018Pat TWith Love
$50February 11, 2018Gail DraperI will be one of the many people who are holding the memory of your boy with care; my heart goes out to you all. ♥︎
$250February 10, 2018Sean FellerSending our love
$250February 10, 2018Jeremy RichardsAs part of the Buckley School family, our family is heartbroken beyond words.
$50February 10, 2018Victoria Marks
$100February 10, 2018Kerre GutierrezForever in our hearts
$100February 10, 2018Pamela JensenOur thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Nicholas, Lilly and Pam Jensen
$100February 10, 2018Caroline NovackIn loving memory of Elliot.
$200February 10, 2018Mary & Vince GutierrezOur hearts have broken a thousand times over, We Love You Elliot! May you rest in peace.
$250February 10, 2018Mark D’AlessioOur deepest sympathy
$100February 10, 2018Georgina Balian In Memory of Elliot
$1000February 10, 2018D SloaneWe love you Elliot. You will always be in our hearts. Marco and Family
$100February 10, 2018Denise GenovaIn memory of Elliot Brabson. Our thoughts are with your family.
$500February 10, 2018Jodi KornYour family is in our thoughts and prayers. With love from Sloane, Jodi and Rob Radoff
$100February 10, 2018Sarah LemoineWith love
$250February 10, 2018Lisa CitronWe are holding Elliot and your family in our hearts. Much love, the Citrons
$100February 10, 2018Rong WuIn memory of Elliot Brabson. - Ark, Richard & Wendy
$250February 10, 2018Beth CoretsMay Elliot’s memory be a blessing. Jasper will never forget him.
$50February 9, 2018Tammy ShererHolding your family in prayer. So very sorry for your loss.
$100February 9, 2018Eve MakoffWe are thinking about you all the time. So much love to you Caroline Newhart and family
$300February 9, 2018Julie CarterIn Memory Of Elliot Brabson. With love, Julie, Carter & Lily
$100February 9, 2018Dawn TartakovskyAll our love, thoughts and prayers are with you.
$25February 9, 2018Bill VigilIn memory of Elliot.
$100February 9, 2018Maxwell BogdanoffOur heart aches for you and your family.
$500February 9, 2018Minnie DriverIn remembrance, with all our love.
$100February 9, 2018Miles Estes
$250February 9, 2018Alexander NistratovDear Brabson Family, our hearts are with you during these tragic times. Alex, Yulia, Natalia and Sofia
$1000February 9, 2018
$100February 9, 2018Katie KilleanWe love you and miss you, Elliot. - Luke, Katie and Olivia


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