Tips on Managing Online Schoolwork

  1. Make a schedule according to which classes you have, write down the due dates, then determine how you want to do your work! (I have 4 educational classes, so I do one class per day, so I have Friday for relaxing!) 
  2. Allow yourself to have breaks! Go get a snack, watch Netflix/YouTube/tiktok, play video games! 
  3. Do not save your work until the last minute! This will cause stress and anxiety worrying about how you are going to complete your work in such a little amount of time.
  4. If you are struggling with any classes, see if the teacher is providing office hours! If not, you can ask a friend for help with the subject! (Khan Academy also helps if you are struggling with a class:)) 
  5. Virtual study groups! You can meet with your friends through FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet to work together on classwork and studying for exams! 
  6. STAY ORGANIZED! Whether it’s having a binder, keeping folders in your computer, or having a planner, this will help you not lose online work and you can review it for tests/ final exams! It will also make you feel more calm and productive knowing you have a set plan of your schoolwork.

From Teen Line Listener, Alex


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