I’m worried my relationship won’t last as long as I hoped.

Male, 13 years old, TX


I have a girlfriend but we never really talk. I always look forward to seeing her in the morning, but she’s always with her friends and I’m not very social. We barely ever make eye contact and I’m worried that our relationship won’t last as long as we thought. What should I do?

Teen Line Wrote:

Thanks so much for reaching out to Teen Line. It sounds like what you’re going through with your girlfriend would be frustrating and confusing for you. It can be really hard to not feel like someone is putting in the same effort as you are in a relationship.

I wonder if you’ve ever tried talking to your girlfriend about how you are feeling. It might be helpful to let her know that you feel disconnected because she may not even be aware you’re feeling this way.

I would also suggest checking out Scarleteen.com specifically the articles relating to relationships. Scarleteen offers some great advice for how to handle confusing relationships. Reading some of the articles on Scarleteen may give you some clarity on what’s going on in your relationship.

It might also be helpful for you to check out Teen Line’s message board. The message board is a place where you can talk to other teens just like you who are going through similar things on a safe place online. The link to the message board is teenlineonline.org/board

I would also think it’d be helpful for you to call in Teen Line so you could talk to an understanding teen about what’s going on. The number is (310) 855-4673 and is available to you 7 days a week from 6pm-10pm PST.

Thanks again for reaching out to Teen Line. I hope you find this helpful.


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