Elaine’s 90th Birthday Wish



For many years I wanted to make an impact that would be long lasting.  When I graduated high school I thought I wanted a career as a diplomat but my education and interest in adolescent development ultimately led to helping to found the Teen Line.   As co-founder and its Executive Director for 35 years it has been an integral component to my career as a therapist.   I am so proud of all the teens that have volunteered to help their troubled peers and for a staff that is devoted and caring and loves working as a team to develop the program and expand the Teen Line outreach.

Having worked for many years as the Coordinator of Adolescent Group Psychotherapy at Cedars, as well as having an adolescent therapy group in my private practice since 1975, I recognized the value of teens helping teens.   That phrase became the important mantra we have associated with Teen Line over the years.   I believe that as adults we can also learn from our youth, that as parents or caring adults we don’t have to fix their issues but we do need to hear them.  My advice is always “You don’t have to fix it, just listen, listen, listen for that is the most therapeutic”.   In fact, that is why our teen volunteers are called “listeners” and are trained not to give advice but to explore options with the caller, tester or emailer so they can arrive at their own decision to resolve their concerns.

So what have I learned from the development of Teen Line and its now worldwide reach?  I have learned that teenagers, despite struggling themselves to develop their own identity, values and beliefs, they are basically compassionate and empathic towards their more troubled peers.  Given the training framework and support from caring and understanding adult supervision they are incredibly competent and able to help and make a difference in the lives of peers who are confused, being abused, or in difficult situations.   Their help for those teens that are depressed or suicidal can save lives.

Now I am no longer Executive Director, I am delighted to be spending time developing the Legacy Line and meeting with long time supporters.   It is heartwarming too that we now have teens whose parents had been Teen Line listeners during their high school years.  To me, that is also truly a legacy!

Thank you for helping me celebrate a remarkable event.   It is hard to believe that I will be 90 years old!   I have had a very interesting life but very important to me is my family legacy:  4 children, 11 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren (so far).  Additionally I also have a wonderful legacy in Teen Line.  I think I have learned more about teenagers and their unique abilities than I ever imagined possible.  Their ability to listen non-judgmentally, to be compassionate and empathetic is profound.   I am deeply appreciative of what our teen volunteers have done, and continue to do, to ensure that Teen Line is the outstanding program I love.

Please help me continue this unique program.  Your contribution to Teen Line is the best gift you can give me as I hit the big 90!   Thanks for being there and helping make a difference.





  • Happy Birthday Elaine! Miss you as a resource associate at Teen line, which started the year I was 16! I still have that old Teen line wooden table you gave me, which brings back a lot of fond memories. Best wishes for your next decade!


  • hi elaine = what a beautiful address and as always with you beautifully written. You certainly can feel proud and enjoy your accomplishments and the very long range effects of your life. congratulations did you actually blow out the candles? Ellie

  • Dear Elaine,
    We’ve been so fortunate to know you for over 40 years….your accomplishments have never ceased to amaze us. You are a very special woman. Congratulations to Teen Line and to you on your 90th Birthday.
    With love
    Arlene and Jerry Rosin

  • Dear Elaine,
    Happy, happy birthday! You are, and have always been, an inspiration to me. We are grateful to you for your kindness, intelligence, and great commitment to your community. You make this world better every day. Thank you.
    Best wishes for a healthy and wonderful year!
    With love,
    Nancy and Barry Levy

  • Dear Elaine,
    Sending you Happy Birthday wishes filled with colorful balloons, Love, and gratitude.
    The Haimer Family

  • Dear Elaine,
    happy birthday! We are grateful to you for your kindness, intelligence, and great commitment to your community. You make this world better every day. Thank you.
    With love,
    eliran and yair

  • AWWW that great to know I have just found out about this web sight and I am new. It’s nice to here that some kids parents used to be teen line listens. That’s pretty cool!

  • Hey Elaine, happy 90th birthday to you!!!
    It’s shocking that you have been a co-founder and Executive Director for 35 years, and have a therapy group since 1975.
    And even now that you are no longer executive director you still spend time developing the Legacy Line and meeting with long time supporters.
    You have helped so many teens and people and made them happy or just listened to them, you really made a difference and a good change in people’s lives. 🙂
    With all of that hard work and an interesting life, you have a family : 4 children,11 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.
    It’s amazing that you love your job, have a great and big family and you just turned 90!
    I hope that a lot of teens and people help you to continue this unique program.
    I wish you a great life, health, love and just smile!
    From Arian, in Isreal.

  • First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    We really think that it’s amazing that you made it to this age.
    And it’s amazing that you never gave up on what you want to do in your life, even when you got to this age.

    We wish you until 120 years.
    Hila and Roni from Israel <3

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