I Deleted All Social Media for a Month, this is What Happened.


As finals were approaching this past December, I made the decision to delete all social media apps from my phone. Yes, ALL social media apps; this included Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Netflix. Here’s why:

1. I wanted to say “bye bye” to all the negative energy: Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, jealous to see what everyone is doing, what they’re wearing, how they look…? Yup, I have, and it’s not fun. So instead of dwelling on everything I didn’t have, all the parties I wasn’t invited to, and much, much more, I decided to take matters in my own hands-I deleted the source.

2. I am tired of bad vibes: I have gotten in the habit of sending long complaint rants to all my friends on Snapchat, as they do to me. I realized that these rants and complaints were starting to affect my mood. So, what did I do? I deleted Snapchat. And genuinely, I was (and still am) so much more positive because of it.

3. I needed to be more productive: I used to get home from school and spend hours watching Netflix shows and YouTube videos. Literally, hours. As my finals were approaching, I didn’t want to worry about my productivity. Deleting my social media (and limiting my distractions) has since helped me stay on task.

I’ve learned a lot from this experience. What impressed me the most was how much more positive and happy I was without the internet. I have become more productive with my school work and hobbies. I have since re-downloaded social media, but my relationship with it has changed. I no longer have the desperate need to check Instagram and Snapchat every minute.

Social media, like everything, has its pros and cons. It has opened doors and opportunities for so many people. But sometimes, it can be more toxic than helpful. So, take a step back. Ask yourself how social media has affected your mentality, productivity, and mood. Explore and follow users that help bring your mood up instead of weighing it down. And most importantly, know when to unplug.

-Kimia, 16



  • but how i have tried and its so hard i mean i block all the people that have done wrong but still i just dont know

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