Through Ups & Downs

Life is made of good times and bad times. Our teen volunteers share what they have learned to help you deal with all the ups and the downs of life.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic couples or exchanging gifts. Anyone can use this day to spread the love in all their life relationships, especially the one with yourself.

Here are 16 mental health goals that can inspire and motivate you to make your mental health a priority this year!

13 Trans Influencers & Activists That Inspire Us

To celebrate the beauty and power of Transgender people, here are 13 Trans Influencers and activists who inspire us. Their stories provide accurate and personal accounts of what it is like to be transgender, the importance of inclusion, Trans rights and why we all need to fight trans-phobia. Moreover, it really shows how much everyone […]

7 Ways to Truly Be There For Someone

There are many ways to be there for someone, but to truly be there for someone is much different. That ultimate sincerity is what makes the difference. Here are 7 ways our Teen Line Volunteers show up for people they care about.   “To show that you truly care about someone, be attentive of what […]

How to Survive Fall Semester

To be completely transparent, I was dreading August fifteenth. This marked the first day of my junior year. Because I was expecting a gradual transition from summer to fall, I was disappointed, to say the least, to find that that was not the case. With seven tests within the first seven days, I was consumed […]

21 “Cheer Me Up” Songs for the Ultimate Bad Day Playlist

When you are having a rough day or need cheering up, sometimes all you need is a good song to turn your mood around and bring out your happiness. We at Teen Line want to spread cheer wherever you are and wherever you go, so we’ve asked our teen volunteers for their personal song selections […]

17 Self-Care Tips from Teen Line Volunteers

You are overwhelmed at school, have extracurricular activity commitments filling up your calendar and family obligations that are fighting for your time and on top of it all, many of your responsibilities are overdue. To make space for all the things you need to do you skip lunch, give up sleep, stop exercising and give […]

OCD and me

  When I was 12, I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This, coupled with my frequent and irrational anxiety, created a headspace that became very unhealthy for me. I overanalyze trivial situations; I cause myself to become physically ill when stressed; I have intrusive and distracting thoughts during exams or while enjoying time with friends. […]

Opinion: 13 Reasons Why is Vengeful and Unhealthy for Teens

  We all love a good show. Curling up to a laptop with snacks and time to waste is a popular pastime of many 21st Century teens. Similar to food, everyone’s taste in television is different. Whether it’s the sentimentality of a long-running hit that attracts you, or the communal feeling of cult shows, a […]

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How Opening About My Mental Health Helped Me Manage & Enjoy School

  Freshman year was a complete mess for me. In 8th grade, I was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and OCD, and during freshman year, my doctors worked together to find the right combination of medicines for me. It took a very long time to find something that worked for […]

I Deleted All Social Media for a Month, this is What Happened.

  As finals were approaching this past December, I made the decision to delete all social media apps from my phone. Yes, ALL social media apps; this included Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Netflix. Here’s why: 1. I wanted to say “bye bye” to all the negative energy: Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, jealous […]

Why We All Need Someone to Lean On

  I grew up in a family of addicts — my grandparents on both sides, my siblings, my dad, and almost all my aunts and uncles. Being surrounded by this for all my life, I oscillated between resentment and forgiveness, sadness and happiness, and anger and relief. Everything about my childhood was confusing — Why […]

How I began to heal after a terrible fight with my mother.

I have always had a very good relationship with my mom. When I was young we rarely fought with each other and when we did it was over very small things. But, last summer my mom and I got into a fight that lasted for months. It was easily the biggest fight I have ever […]

Chasm by Andrea K.

Escaping the Chasm

  Working at Teen Line, I have heard so many calls regarding depression and anxiety. When focusing all the challenges callers face, I find they are all rooted in their fears for what could happen and their lack of motivation due to sadness. I can so easily relate, when I feel overwhelmed I begin to […]

Grade by Delete

Good Grades aren’t Everything

  I love my parents- I love them a lot. They have been there for me countless times and they’ve always been available whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. They provide me with a great life and with endless love. However, that is not to say that they don’t come with their flaws. […]

Anxiety by ASweeneyPhoto

Academic Stress and Anxiety

  Throughout my sophomore year, I was a consistent mess of academic stress and anxiety. In addition to the hardest workload I had had up to that point, I also had to juggle an increased involvement in extracurricular activities and commitment to a sports team. On many nights, I would return home after 8pm, with […]

back to school by Zlatko Vickovic

Back to School: Managing Anxiety

  It’s that time of year again, back to school! We can’t escape those commercials about school supplies or walk into a store without being reminded of having the first day of school outfit. Worst of all, every time we are reminded of our summer homework, we get palpitations. How are we expected to handle […]

release your stress...! by aran_apple

Coping With Difficult Situations

  Man up. Tough it out. These phrases are all too familiar to many people. When we experience a problem, we are often told to ignore our feelings and end up pushing the pain further and further inside ourselves. Although this seems like an easy solution, denying that we are feeling upset and suppressing our […]