Through Ups & Downs

Life is made of good times and bad times. Our teen volunteers share what they have learned to help you deal with all the ups and the downs of life.

Deaf by Cintia Paz

My Most Difficult Life Challenge Gave Me Strength and Wisdom

  Some things develop over time— hurricanes, puberty, and siblings getting along. Sometimes in an instant— like heart attacks, earthquakes, and the moment I went deaf. I was sitting in my fifth grade classroom, and there was no rustling of papers, no voices, and no hum of the air conditioning. It was as if someone […]

That Awkward Moment When... - by Elizabeth Ashley Jerman

Romance or Wreckage?

  As teens in the 21st century, we all see it. “Prefect” couple photos on Instagram with captions of the next milestone they’ve passed. “Happy” teens who hold hands in the hallways and kiss between passing periods. Many teens desire this and many teens achieve it. As our generation has seemingly driven us to believe, […]

Flirting is not consent - by Wolfram Burner

Sexual Assault in women – It’s NEVER your fault

  According to the New York Times, nearly one in five women surveyed said they had been raped or had experienced an attempted rape at some point. On top of that, one in four reported that they had been beaten by a loved one or intimate partner, and one in six reported that they had […]

Exam Stress/English Project

How I Managed My Academic Stress

  It’s a really overwhelming feeling; when you’re awake at 2 AM in the morning studying for three huge exams you have the next day, or when you are two days away from that SAT you want to score well on, but know that you have neither the motivation nor extra time to study. Academic […]

Nick gets his window seat - by Q Family

Misconceptions from Quick Judgment

  Misconceptions from Quick Judgment (Being quick to judge another person when you don’t really know them) We’ve all been there. Meeting the new friend of a friend and instantly judging them at first glance, whether we mean to or not. Fitting them into their esteemed box, labeling them a stereotype, or even assuming that […]

Stress - by Firesam!

Stress Management: Striving for Success and Independence

  Becoming an adult is a constant balancing act, often as a teenager this pressure causes unnecessary stress. Between school, family, extra-curricular activities and friends, staying organized and on top of things can become a daunting challenge. Becoming stressed and not knowing what to do is a very normal reaction, just take a step back […]

MFer Photography - seniors!

12th Grade Angst

  12th Grade Angst Throughout my life there has always been a clear vision of what I will do. A plan that consisted of 5 simple steps: I will graduate High School I will graduate from College Then I will get my masters and or doctorate I will have a successful career I will marry, […]

Meditation - by Tina Leggio

My Stress Relieving Method: Meditation

  Stress is an inevitable part of life. For high school seniors such as myself, the pressures of student life can often seem unavoidable. From filling out college applications to studying for important tests and exams, the stress can become overwhelming at times. In my experience, stress can lead to a multitude of issues including […]

Alex Proimos - Chilling by the Beach

Tips on How To Be There For A Friend

  It’s hard to generalize friendships, as each one is so unique. Friends often happen organically, sometimes unexpectedly, and others just seem destined from the start. Considering you are taking the time to read this, a few things can be inferred: Perhaps your close friend is recently going through a hard time, or you’re simply […]

Day 54: 2 days down, 336 to go - by Lily Monster

On Getting Enough Sleep

  I check the time on my phone. It’s midnight. I have two paragraphs left to write for my paper on Great Gatsby – due tomorrow. I have one episode left of “Game of Thrones” – everybody will be talking about it at school. Ugh – I just remembered I have a lab quiz tomorrow […]

feelings by Felipe Zamudio

The Importance Of Talking About Your Feelings

  While TEEN LINE offers help to teens in crisis in many ways, I have found that often the most helpful aspect of TEEN LINE is simply that it’s a place where you can talk openly about your feelings and let out your emotions, especially ones that have been bottled up inside you for extended […]

22/30 by lauren rushing

How I Overcame my Most Difficult Life Challenge

  My story is like so many others that I hesitated for a good minute before deciding to put pen to paper. Who am I to disclose my life to an unknown audience, under an anonymous name, with the pretense that they should care enough to read it? But I’ve come to realize that talking […]

Depression by amenclinicsphotos ac

Living with depression

  Living with depression Living with depression can very well be the hardest thing you will encounter in your life. While it’s not fun to go through, there are things you can do about it. First off, let’s talk about depression a little bit. What exactly is depression? Essentially your brain has an inability to […]

IMGP6979 by siti fatimah

Divorce-Teen Blog

Divorce by Tara – 16 years old I don’t really remember what happened. All I remember is that I stopped hearing hushed, harsh whispering from the other room. I started to see everything move around me. Suddenly, my mother had gotten an apartment on the other side of our small community and my grandmother had […]

Lonely at the festival by Ernst Moeksis

Introverts in an Extroverted World

Introverts in an Extroverted World With the new popularization of the qualities of the introvert, it is no wonder that more and more people are recognizing that perhaps, they themselves are introverts. Contrary to popular belief, an introvert is not always the shy kid in the corner, sweating bullets at the thought of a presentation […]

Suicide Warning Signs and What to Do

If you yourself are not suicidal, then chances are you’re on this page because you are worried that someone in your life might be thinking about killing themselves. First, I know that this can be really hard for you, and it’s important to take care of yourself even though you’re trying to help someone else. […]

Alone by leniners

Storytelling My Way Through First-Year College Loneliness

Storytelling My Way Through First-Year College Loneliness Moving into my first year of college was jarring. The process plucked me from the happiest and most socially confident year of my adolescent life and dropped me down into the cornfields of small-town Iowa, a college of 1400 students, and no friends. Oof. For my first four […]

What to Expect When You Call Teen Line

  What to Expect When You Call Teen Line Opening up to someone can be scary. At Teen Line, a lot of our callers are talking to someone about what they’re going through for the first time. Listeners are aware of that, and we try to make you as comfortable as possible talking to us, […]

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