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Abuse & Violence

  • Resources for Those Impacted By Recent Injustices
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    Resources for Those Impacted By Recent Injustices

    Helpful Mental Health Resources for those impacted by injustice & trauma.

    If you or someone you know is feeling anxious, upset, lonely, stressed, having suicidal ideations, and/or at risk of suicide, and need support, you are not alone. We must keep talking and we must provide support to ourselves, friends, family, and community. For help, there are several resources available:

    Helpful Resources

    Embrace LA
    Empowering communities through citywide conversations about race and racism to challenge & change inequities.

    Advancement Project California
    Advancement Project California is a multi-racial, multi-generational racial justice organization with expertise in research, advocacy, and policy.

    RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed everyday people working influence political decisions to create lasting change. Resources include anti-racism reading lists, creating equitable spaces guide & more.

    The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has endeavored to inform, support, train, and mobilize people of all ages to transform prejudice into acceptance, inequity into justice, and hostility into peace.

    ADL Anti-Bias Resources for Educators and the Community
    Includes tools such as: classroom tips & strategies (ways students can get involved in activism), Anti-Bias education & social-emotional learning and respectful conversation.

    Movement for Black Lives is an ecosystem of individuals and organizations creating a shared vision and policy agenda to win rights, recognition, and resources for Black people. Week of action in defense of Black lives.

    Books to Help You Explain Racism & Protest to Your Kids

    How To Talk to Your Kids About Racism

    26 Ways to Support the Movement Outside of Protest


    CA Peer Run Warm Line:  1-855-845-7415. Mondays to Fridays: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturdays: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Didi Hirsch) 24/7: 1.800.273.TALK (8255), Veterans: press 1 or text 838255. Para español, oprima el numero 2.

    Disaster Distress Helpline: 800.985.5990

    Crisis Text Line: (24/7) Text LA to 741741

    The Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ Youth
    (24/7) Call 1.866.488.7386, text START to 678678 or Trevor Chat.

    Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Helpline
    Call 1.800.854.7771

    Los Angeles County Community Resources Information Line and to Report Hate Crimes: 2-1-1

    Emotional Well Being

    CDC: Taking Care of Your Emotional Health

    SAMHSA: Coping with Grief After Community Violence

    The Safe Place, a Minority Mental Health App geared towards the Black Community. Free on Apple & Android devices.

    Elevate is an inspirational living and self-care mobile application to help promote positive mental health. Free on Android & Apple devices.

    Black Mental Health Alliance provides culturally competent programs that promote the health & well being of Black and other communities of color, including referrals to culturally competent clinicians for mental health treatment.

    Black Girls Smile promotes positive mental health for young African American girls, including resources and referrals to culturally sensitive mental health professionals.

    The Loveland FoundationOur resources and initiatives are collaborative and they prioritize opportunity, access (therapy fund), validation, and healing for communities of color.

    Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls.

    Therapy for Black Men is a directory to help men of color in their search for a therapist.

    18 Black Mental Health Therapists to Follow on Instagram for Self Care

    Youth Specific Online Resources: GritX, mindfulness apps, Nod (social connection), grounding techniques

    More resources on race, racism & mental health (including organizations, books/films, articles and online support) from PsychHub.

  • I get a panic attack every time I see my ex-boyfriend/abuser.
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    I get a panic attack every time I see my ex-boyfriend/abuser.

    Female, 14 years old, PA


    Is it normal to be terrified every time I see my ex-boyfriend/abuser? Because every time I see him in public, I have a panic attack.

    Teen Line Wrote: 

    Thank you for contacting Teen Line. I am so glad that you reached out to us. It must be so hard to have to see your ex-boyfriend/abuser sometimes then experience these panic attacks. I want you to know that it is completely normal for you to be having these reactions. It is perfectly normal to be scared and terrified around this person when abuse is associated with him. It must have been really tough and scary to have to see him and have to revisit that time in your life.

    It sounds like you may have some PTSD from your past abusive relationship by the fear you said you are feeling. I want to give you some resources on how to cope with your fears, how to understand the, and how to maybe overcome them: – this is a resource that will help you understand what PTSD is and how you can help yourself cope with it. this is a resource that can give you support on how to deal with the dramatic stress when you are having a panic attack. This is  Kati Morton’s YouTube channel regarding to PTSD. Kati Morton is an online therapist and a great resource that can provide you support and guide you through your fear.

    I also want to give you some information to some ways that can help you deal with your panic attacks. Mindfulness and meditation are great ways to help you feel more calm and less stressed the next time you see him. Here are some useful resources: is a website that will lead you through guided meditations that can help you calm down and be more intune with your sense. After a panic attack or during, this can help you release some of that panic and stress. is a website that will also give you some techniques on how to be more at peace.

    Again, thank you so much for reaching out. It was so brave of you to share what’s going on. I want to encourage you to call in to Teen Line if you want to talk more about this at (800) 852-8336. You can also text “TEEN” to 839863 if you feel more comfortable communicating through text.

    I hope you find these resources helpful because you deserve support. Stay strong.

  • My friend’s dad is abusing her and I’m scared she’s going to commit suicide.
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    My friend’s dad is abusing her and I’m scared she’s going to commit suicide.

    Female, 14 years old, Netherlands


    My friend from school is cutting herself and I am scared that she is gonna commit suicide because her dad is abusing her, he hits her and I am scared that one day she stops fighting.

    Teen Line Wrote:

    Thank you so much for reaching out. It was so brave of you. You are being such a good friend by contacting us. It must be so stressful to know that your friend is cutting herself and that her father abuses her. It sounds like because your friend is going through such a hard time that it has taken a toll on you. Being nervous that your friend may commit suicide is super hard to handle on top of teen stuff. I don’t want to leave you hanging without any resources so I hope these websites help you out.

    I know this email was meant to benefit your friend but I also really care about your mental health through this whole process and want to give you some ways to handle the stress. There is a great website called: that has 99 ways to cope with whatever is stressing you out.

    You can also check out this app called “A Friend Asks.” It is an easy way to access a guide to warning signs, resources, and ways to help friends who may be suicidal.

    There is a great YouTuber named Kati Morton who makes amazing videos about everything from social anxiety to suicide. She has a great playlist about depression and self-harm which may be educational for you but also helpful for your friend. Here is the link: and

    Also, you said she struggles with self harm and so there is this project called the Butterfly project. The whole thing is explained on the website, but it is basically a creative way some people use to stop cutting:

    Finally, the Netherlands has a great website for kids suffering with child abuse:

    You can also call us at (310) 855-4673 from 6pm-10pm  PST or visit our message boards at

    I hope your friend finds the help they need and that this email helps you de-stress yourself.

  • I can’t handle my mom’s mental abuse.
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    I can’t handle my mom’s mental abuse.

    Non-conforming gender, 15, IL


    Ok, so my mom has been mentally abusing me for years and I’ve finally decided that enough is enough. I want to move out, but the laws near me won’t allow it, I think. I just want others’ inputs before I make a decision.

    Teen Line Wrote:

    Thank you for reaching out to Teen Line. It must be so difficult to deal with your mom mentally abusing you. It is not okay for her to do this.

    I want to give you a resource called List of 99 coping skillsIt has many different activities you can do to try to help you cope with what you are going through. Also, if you ever feel unsafe at home, you can call Child Protective Services at (800) 422-4453.

    I would highly recommend calling us here at Teen Line at (800) 855-4673 anytime from 6pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time, or text “TEEN” to 839863 from 6pm-9pm PST so we can know more about what you are going through and we can give you better resources.

    I hope you find this helpful.

  • When does punishment become abuse?
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    When does punishment become abuse?

    Female, 13 years old, PA


    When does punishment become abuse? Recently my dad has been angry at my brother (a junior) for difficulties with his senior project. Corporal punishment has come into play, & sometimes my brother cries. My mother is present, but she doesn’t intervene usually. Has it gone too far? Should I call for help?

    Teen Line Wrote:

    Thank you so much for contacting Teen Line, I’m so glad you reached out to us! It really seems like your brother is facing a lot right now, and I want you to know that you did the right thing by contacting Teen Line. Your dad has no right to hurt your brother in any possible way. Parents are supposed to love you, and help you through hard times, what he’s doing is absolutely not acceptable. If a parent is hurting a kid, then it is considered abuse. This sounds serious enough, that i recommend calling us at 800-852-8336 or text “TEEN” to 839863 for a text conversation 6pm-9pm PST.

    I wonder if your brother has talked to anyone else about this such as a friend, school counselor, or anyone he trusts. Maybe that can also help him get more information, and new ways to deal with the situation, and further steps to be taken. is an organization that lets you anonymously report child abuse if you feel it is necessary. Their number is 800-422-4453 available 24/7, and you can find more info on their site. is a fantastic site that provides a ton of articles relating to your situation as well.

    Thank you for contacting Teen Line!

  • I feel unsafe in my foster home.
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    I feel unsafe in my foster home.

    Female, 17-year-old, Delaware

    Teen Question/Problem:

     In 2016, I was placed in a foster home that I was previously in before. They placed me back there because I didn’t have anywhere else to stay. During those few months I went through hell. She mentally put me down and physically attacked me. In 2017, me and my foster parents got into an hours long disagreement in the home and later overheard her on the phone trying to plot against me and try to throw me into jail.  I then made a report the next morning to my teachers and people in my support system. I felt like they weren’t in my corner and were very unhelpful. I need help.

    TeenLine Wrote:

    Hey _____

    Thank you so much for reaching out and contacting us here at Teen Line. I’m really glad you found us. First off, I’m so sorry that you are having to go through all of this. From group home to group home and to a foster parent who is verbally abusive, you have gone through so much. All this seems so difficult and yet you have been striving. It really seems like you are in a very unsafe situation right now and I really want to help as best as I can.

    The best thing I would recommend is to call 911 when your foster mom becomes aggressive or when you feel unsafe. Another resource is the Child Help National Hotline, the number is 800-422-4453. and they are open 24/7 or you can text “CHILD HELP” to 847- 411. I also strongly recommend calling us here at Teen Line. Our number is (310) 855-4673 and we are open from 6- 10 PM PST. You can also text “teen” to 839863. Lastly I want to give you the number to the National Runaway Safe line open 27/7 the number is 800-RUN-AWAY (786-2929) and Angels Flight a shelter network opens 24/7 the number is 800- 833- 2499.

  • I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about hurting other people.
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    I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about hurting other people.

    13 year old, Female, United States


    I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about hurting other people, and it isn’t only when I’m angry; its all the time. I don’t think other people think about killing the way I do but I’ve thought like this as long as I can remember. I’ve taken screenings and read numerous books in a semi-attempt to help myself without others, and coupling this with hours of self contemplation and thought I’ve come to the conclusion that bipolar disorder as well as depression may be a problem as well. I’m not at risk for suicide, however I had been cutting for about a month before my mom found out and chastized me for it. I haven’t cut since then, although I can feel the impulse to every now and then when I start feeling numb or blank. I do not want to tell my family however in order to recieve professional I help would have to. The only solution I can think of to receive help and some sort of evaluation specified to me and my issues is to find an anonymous online source, however I am having some difficulty in doing so, which brings me to my point: are there any teen or children’s mental health organizations with a website through which I can contact a professional that you know of? I would use a chatroom for support however
    1) I don’t feel this would help me much
    2) I honestly feel like talking to them would set them off and I don’t want to INADVERTENTLY kill someone.
    3) I would feel like I’m seeking needless attention or like the people in the chat room would think of me that way. Already writing the letter is making me apprehensive enough, but I’ve written this much of it so there isn’t much pointing in deleting it and sulking off to my corner…
    Any help or references you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi                      ,

    Thank you for contacting Teenline. You are so brave to reach out. Wow. This sounds like a really serious situation. I can’t imagine how it must feel to not understand why you feel this way. It must be hard to try to find a solution or an explanation but not being able to. I’m sorry you’be been having to figure this out alone.
    There are a few things that might help you cope with this situation. You may have already tried this, but writing in a journal can be helpful to organize your thoughts and feelings. You can also take a walk or listen to music to distract you or help clear your mind and get away from negative people. I really encourage you to talk to an adult you trust. This person can be an extended family member like an aunt, or someone else like a school counselor, or a doctor. A doctor would be a really good option because they have a big knowledge of mental health conditions and will be able to help you and how you’re feeling. Their outside perspective on the situation will hopefully be beneficial, and they’ll guide you in taking the necessary steps to get the help you need.
    I would really encourage you to contact our hotline number to talk more about what you’re going through. You can reach us by calling 310-855-4673 (6-10 pm PST) or by texting “TEEN”to 839863. If you don’t want to talk to someone here, you can go to our message boards. At, you will find our message boards that have discussions between teens around the world. There, you will find many people who are in your situation and you can share your story about your family or your mental health concerns. is a website that provides support and resources with self harm.
    In addition, there are a few websites that might help you specifically figure out what you need. has a lot of information about general mental health. has articles about mental health and well-being. Lastly, could be a really helpful site that explains more about mental health.
    Most importantly, you should speak to a doctor or call in to our hotline.
    I hope you find these resources useful and you get the help you deserve.


    a TEEN LINE teen
  • I am currently in an abusive relationship.
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    I am currently in an abusive relationship.

    20 or older, Female, CA


    I am currently in an abusive relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I keep going back to him no matter what he does. I don’t know how to make it stop and I am really confused. Please help me, I need your guidance.


    Hi ______,

    First of all, thank you so much for contacting Teen Line tonight and sharing your story.Your situation sounds really hard, and I’m wondering if you have spoken to anyone about what you are going through, like a close friend, parent, or therapist. Also, the National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24 hours a day at 1(800)799-7233. Your safety is really important to us, so if you need any guidance please call in. Teen Line is available as well at 1-800-852-8336 from 6-10pm so we can hear more about your situation. You could also visit the teenline message board at for you to talk to other teens going through similar situations. Thank you so much for emailing in tonight. Abuse is never okay and I hope this email was helpful.

    a TEEN LINE teen

  • I don’t want to go to a foster home.
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    I don’t want to go to a foster home.

    15 year old, Female,  NH


    I don’t want to go to a foster home because I’m scared of what it will be like. I am a very shy person and I know that if I go away into foster care I won’t be able to talk to my boyfriend. I am scared and  don’t want my parents to hurt me. I am alone and my grandparents on my mom’s side are abusive.  Honestly, it feels as if I don’t have any valuable reason to live anymore because my family makes me feel so unwanted.  I’ve tried counselling, meditation, and a suicide mental institute. Nothing seems to be working, what can I do?? 🙁


    Hi ______,

    Firstly, thank you so much for contacting Teen Line. It is really brave of you to open up to me about your current situation. I can’t imagine how scary it is to have your grandparents on your mom’s side be abusive, as well as being in fear of your parents hurting you. It seems frustrating to want to be somewhere that your boyfriend can contact you. I’m so sorry that you’re going through so much pain that you don’t see much reason to live anymore, and that worries me. I want you to know that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and although it may not seem like it right now, things can get better. Contacting me at Teen Line was a great first step, and if you keep reaching out, things can change for the better. You sound like a great person, and I imagine that there are people that are close to you that really care about you. Have you thought about talking to a close friend, trusted adult, or school counselor about how you’ve been feeling? It can be really difficult to hold in everything you’re feeling, and it’s great to have people you can open up to about anything. I’m not sure what is happening that would cause you to go to a foster home, but if someone in your family is abusing you, your local Department of Children and Family Services does their best to keep families together, not separate them. You can check it out here: Also, if you are ever having suicidal please contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 877-727-4747 to talk to them in more detail about what’s been going on. It would be great if you could check out the Teen Line Message Boards at where you can see how other teens have dealt in similar situations  to yours. Feel free to also contact Teen Line anytime from 6-10pm PST at (310) 855-4673 or text “teen” to 839863.

    Thanks again for contacting Teen Line, and I hope that my referrals help you get the help and support you are looking for.

    a TEEN LINE teen





  • I grew up without my birth father until recently.
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    I grew up without my birth father until recently.

    15 year old, Female NM


    I grew up without my birth father until recently. I had a step father who would always put me down and hurt my feelings. My mother practically raised me and has always been there for me.  Last year I decided to write a letter to my birth father and 3 months after my 14th birthday he responded. I finally met him around the holiday season and everything was going so well, I also met my paternal grandparents. Things changed for the worse when soon after Christmas he sexually molested me and I ended up in a mental hospital for a while. I don’t know what to do? I moved to Texas but I returned to my home town recently and I am not happy here. Please help.


    Hi Jessica thank you so much for contacting us here at Teen Line it was very brave of you. It sounds like you are going through a very tough time with your family. When your step-father puts you down always remember he has his own unresolved problems. I’m sorry to hear about your birth father, fathers should never touch their daughters, hit their daughters, or even be disrespectful. He should be protective of you, nice to you and kind. Since your birth father has sexually molested you he obviously has many problems of his own and he should be going to get help, not you. What your father has done to you is categorized as child abuse, and it can be reported to the police because it is illegal and it is NOT okay. One way you can resolve your problems with your father is to discuss it with someone like a school counselor or a trusted adult. Also it sounds like after all of these events you are feeling depressed and to alleviate some of that pain you can maybe join a sports team or a club or have a hobby so you have something to look forward to after school. Also if you ever want to talk about this I urge you to call us in here at Teen Line at  310 855 4673. If your ever feeling unsafe with your mother you can always call the Child Help National Abuse hotline at 1800 422 4453. Once again I would like to thank you so much for contacting us here at Teen Line.

    a TEEN LINE teen



  • My boyfriend and I recently split.
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    My boyfriend and I recently split.

    Female, 19 years old, CA


    My boyfriend and I recently split. He is threatening to take his life and I’m not sure if he’s being serious or just dramatic. I honestly have no idea what to do… Please help


    Hi _______,

    Thank you for contacting us here at Teen Line.  I’m so sorry to hear that your ex boyfriend is threatening to take his life, that sounds very overwhelming to have to go through.  I’m wondering if you would feel comfortable telling a trusted adult or school guidance counselor about this? It’s very important that someone knows about his situation to make sure he’s safe.  Also, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to give him the number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800)784- 2433, open 24 hours, where someone will always be able to talk to your ex boyfriend and help him.  Maybe he would be willing to call us at (310) 855- 4673, open 6-10pm PST, where a teen will always be able to talk.  Also, you should always feel free to call us as well.  If you ever feel like your boyfriend is in immediate danger, PLEASE call 911.

    I hope everything turns out okay ____.


    a TEEN LINE teen


  • Can I call the police on my mom?
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    Can I call the police on my mom?

    13 year old, Female


    My mom is abusing me and I don’t know if I should call the police. She always hits me on the head and arms with a rolling pin and forces me to strip for a her and makes me take a shower in front of her. I go to a great school and I have many friends who I love. My life outside home is great but life at home is terrible. Is this illegal? Should I call the police? If my mom goes to jail, will I go to foster care?


    Hi ______,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I can only imagine how you feel when your mom makes you do these things. You should not have to go through this, and everyone deserves a mother that is loving. No one should ever be hit by their parents, or forced to do the horrible things that your mom makes you do. You are extremely brave for putting up with this, and I commend you for sticking through it even though it is really hard for you. When your mom hits you it is child abuse, which is illegal. This alone is something that no one should ever have to go through. When she forces you to strip and take showers in front of her it is also child abuse, and you don’t deserve to go through it. I strongly advise you to call the police so that you won’t have to put up with these horrible things. As to if your mom is going to go to jail and if you are going to go to foster care, it all depends on your family and living situation. It is great that you have good friends, and I wonder if you ever talk to them about your problems at home. You should talk to a school counselor or any trusted adult about this because they might be able to help you. If you would like to get all your feelings out, have any questions, or would like to just talk to another teen with an open ear, you can call TEEN LINE at (310)-855-4673. If you would like to contact the childhelp natinal child abuse hotline, the number is 800-422-4453. The website is Once again, you are extremely strong for putting up with this, and I commend you. Thank you so much for contacting TEEN LINE, and I hope you get your situation fixed.

  • I have been depressed since I was a young girl
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    I have been depressed since I was a young girl

    17 year old, Female,  OR


    I have been depressed since I was a young girl. It all began when my father called me names like ”fat” and ”useless” then this pretty girl at our church came and she started calling me names too. As I got older, she moved, but the name calling from my father did not. We got into much bigger arguments and he constantly reminded me how useless I was. My mother just sat back and watched. I began cutting myself but that did not last long when my cousin’s mom told on me. I later became friends with a girl from my school and introduced her to my other friends. Soon they started forgetting about me. They liked her more than they ever liked me. I noticed how all teachers liked her too because she is talented, smart, and has a lot of potential.  I hated her because I realized she was and still is better than me. Things with my father are still bad. He always tells me I’m useless or a let down. I’ve told my mom about how I feel and how I want help, but she just tells me I’m the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She also says other people have it worse so I don’t deserve to be depressed because I’m not going through poverty or have been raped. I feel like I don’t deserve to be depressed because I haven’t gone through any serious trauma in my life. But I can’t help feeling sad, useless, and ugly. It’s sad because it’s true when I say I’m useless. I have no talents and I’m not good at even the simple things. There is nothing special about me. I want to kill myself with all my heart. I’ve never attempted to, but I dream about the day when I can get a rope tightly across my neck and stop breathing as soon as my feet are in the air. I do scratch myself on my skin hard enough to where i can see red lines across my arms and legs. Its how I cope with my life. I don’t know what do do. I feel so empty and lost. I don’t even want love or attention, I want to die so I never have to worry about being good enough for society, guys, my parents, friends, or God.


    Hi _______,


    I am so sorry to hear about everything that been going on for pretty much your whole life.  Everything that has happened to you sounds incredibly overwhelming and just plain unfair, so I really thank you for contacting us here at TeenLine.  Hearing that your father and mother have both been verbally abusive is not okay.  The kinds of things they have been saying to you are incredibly inappropriate and growing up only hearing these things can skew your sense of the world.  The subconscious mind can be affected by these words a lot more than you could ever be aware of.  I really need you to understand that your parent’s behavior is not normal or acceptable, and I would encourage you to talk to a school counselor, any trusted adult, a teacher, or maybe even to visit a local clinic for free therapy.   I’m happy to hear you found this friend, but it seems really discouraging to constantly be hearing how great she is while not a lot of appreciation has been coming your way.  That can really hurt and be upsetting so I am truly sorry.  So many things in your life seem so unfair, but it sounds like you are an exceptionally attentive person who is very aware of the environment around you. You mentioned you are having suicidal thoughts.  Please don’t do it.  It may not seem like things are good right now, but there will come a point where all of this just seemed like a bad dream.  I care about you, and upon receiving the right kind of help, I can’t imagine anything less than a bright future for you.  If these suicidal thoughts continue, call the suicide hotline at 877-727-4747 which is open 24/7. If you find yourself continuing to cut, you might want to check out for more information.  I would also like you to feel free to call us here at TeenLine at 310-855-4673 which is open 6-10pm Pacific Time.  You may also want to check out the teenline message boards at to interact with other teens who have had similar situations as you. Thank you for contacting us here at TeenLine. It takes someone really brave to be able to recognize their innermost feelings, write them down, and share them like you did in this email. Stay strong.

    I really am wishing you all the best,

    a TEEN LINE teen

  • I have been raped and feel so scared.
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    I have been raped and feel so scared.

    18 years old, Female


    i have been raped and feel so scared and confused.


    Hi _____,

    First of all, I would really like to thank you for contacting teenline. It’s a really hard thing to do, and demonstrates a lot of bravery.  I am so so sorry to hear that you were raped, and cannot imagine how scared and vulnerable you must be feeling. I want to emphasize that what happened was not your fault.  It might help you to call teenline so we can discuss your feelings about your situation in greater detail. Our number is 310-855-4673. We are open between the hours of 6:00pm to 10:00pm PST.  I am really concerned for your safety, and would encourage you to seek medical treatment, and get consultation, to make sure you’re okay. The website is a great resource. here, you can type in your zip code and they will direct you to your closest medical clinic where you can get checked out. If you’d prefer to speak to a person well versed in the topic of sexual assault you can also call their number, 800-230-7526. They are open 24/7.

    There are a few online sites that might help you get a sense of what’s going on. The Rape and Incest National Network is a great organization that can help you during this time.  Their website is, and they also have a phone number which is 800-656-4673. They can help provide counseling services and talk to you about what happened.

    Thank you again for contacting teenline,

    a TEEN LINE teen
  • I have social anxiety disorder.
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    I have social anxiety disorder.

    13 year old, Female, WV


    I have social anxiety disorder, and I also am the laughing stock of my class. (Even when I had good grades, people would still make fun of me). My dad beat up my mom twice, and I helped her both times, yet she won’t show me the least bit of compassion saying that: I ”don’t support her either”. I am also really sensitive, and it doesn’t really work well with the anxiety. My friends aren’t really the most compassionate people either, so I don’t really have anybody to talk to. Even if I hate my life so much I am too scared to cut myself. Please help?


    Dear _____,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to TEEN LINE, it is very brave of you. It sounds like you are feeling overwhelmed because people are being mean to you and aren’t supporting you in the most helpful way. You said that you don’t really have anybody to talk to and I was wondering if there is any that you would feel safe going to such as a trusted friend or adult, a parent, teacher, school counselor or anyone else that you feel could best support you through this uneasy time. You mention that your dad beat up your mom and that is not ok for anyone to physically harm another person. It must be difficult having that responsibility to care for your mom and it is very courageous of you to help her. I would recommend contacting DCFS (Department of Child & Family Services) and their goal is to keep families safe. Their phone number is 800-540-4000. If you are ever in a moment where you feel unsafe then you can always call 911. Some ways to cope with any uneasy feelings could be writing in a journal, exercising, writing or anything else that may relieve stress. If you ever want to talk you can call into TEEN LINE. The number is (310) 855-4672 and we are open from 6:00-10:00 PM PST every night. 

    a TEEN LINE teen

  • I am going through a really tough time.
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    I am going through a really tough time.

    14 year old, Female, CA


    I am going through a really tough time, and I’m always so depressed. It has gotten to the point where I lay in bed and cry for hours for absolutely no reason. I can’t tell my parents because they think I crave attention,  and my dad really scares me sometimes. I don’t know what to do. Help?


    Thanks so much for reaching out to us at TEEN LINE, I can imagine you are going through such a difficult time right now and I’m glad you have opened up to someone about this. It sounds like you are going through so much right now, and dealing with a lot of things at one time can be overwhelming. Feeling depressed but not knowing the cause of feeling that way can be really frustrating and tiring and it’s probably even harder when you aren’t able to talk to people about how you feel. Keeping all of those emotions and thoughts inside is so strong of you and I think it’s great that you emailed into TEEN LINE so you can talk to someone about it.

    You also mentioned your dad scares you. That worries me when you say that because your dad shouldn’t be a person to cause such feeling. Even though you’re not able to respond to this email, I want to ask you does he ever get aggressive and hurt you or your mom? If he does then I highly encourage you to check out some resources I have for you. But before I do so, have you ever thought of talking to a school counselor, favorite teacher, or trusted adult/relative about what you’re going through. Those are some great resources to look out for that could help guide you through this. In addition, what kinds of things do you love doing that helps take your mind off of feeling depressed? Maybe its a sport or activity like dance, writing, art, or playing an instrument…?! If that doesn’t help I would highly encourage you to call us at Teen Line to talk through how your feeling in more depth. Our hours are from 6-10 pm and our number is 310-855-4673. Back to subject of your dad. If you feel like you need to talk to someone about how he makes you feel afraid and if anything more is going on I would highly suggest you check out the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline or Website. Even if you think your father isn’t causing any harm, I still think  it would be good for you  to check the resource out so you can at least be aware of his behavior and how he scares you. Their hotline is open 24/7 and their number is 800-422-4453 and their website it is Lastly, if you need to talk to someone about your depression or if you are ever feeling suicidal and we aren’t available, the suicide prevention hotline is a great resource and their number is 800- 784-2433. I hope all of this helps and once again thanks for reaching out to us!

  • What would you do if you were constantly being harassed
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    What would you do if you were constantly being harassed

    17 year old, Female

    What would you do if you were constantly being harassed and abused by one of your ‘ex-friends’ at school and Online and the whole argument has gone way to far and is now at the point where your school principle and their mother are involved and have blamed the whole thing on you when really you’re the victim? Please don’t say go to your parents or family because I have tried that and they didn’t really help…. :/

    I am so glad you contacted TEEN LINE. Wow, that sounds like a really difficult situation. That must be so frustrating and hurtful. Bullying, and even cyber bullying, happens a lot and it is important that you know you are not alone. It sounds like you are overwhelmed by all this and that you really want it to be over. Understandably, you are upset that you are being blamed, when in fact you have done nothing wrong.
    You said you are not willing to talk to your parents and I wonder if there is someone who would be willing to talk to instead, maybe your school guidance counselor or a teacher you get along with. It could be really beneficial to talk to someone about how you are feeling, especially someone involved in your school. You might want to try writing in a journal, it could really help you express all you emotions. Maybe you could also temporarily limit your online activity with the goal of taking yourself out of the situation of possibly being bullied online. This will give you a chance to recover from all these hurtful feelings.
    I also encourage you to call us here at TEEN LINE. Our number is 310 855 4673 and we are open from 6 to 10 pm PST. Or you can chat with us at

    a TEEN LINE teen