Teen Line Annual Solicitation Campaign

January 2018 | #TeensHelpingTeens


Teens often find themselves struggling fearfully in secret, hiding the anxiety and stress that overwhelms them, in order to avoid judgment they think they will face if they tell someone. You can let them know they don’t have to do this alone, that they can have someone to reach out to, a teen just like them, when life becomes too much.

The end of the year is very important to Teen Line. It’s when we raise over a third of our budget to help take teens from a place of desperation to hope. Your help changed the lives of 60,000 people last year by: starting the conversation with teens about tough issues like self-harm and depression and teaching them coping skills through our Outreach Program; tackling teen struggles by talking it out with a trained teen on our hotline; and improving parents’ relationships with teens by learned communication skills through our Parent Program.

Your help changed the lives of 60,000 people last year

We anticipate reaching thousands more next year, as contact to our hotline continues to grow and with the upcoming launch of our new chat app, which will provide more ongoing support for teens’ daily stresses.

Teen Line relies on the generosity of individual donors to help teens navigate life’s struggles. You can donate to Teen Line or join our fundraising team by creating your own fundraising profile by clicking “Host a Fundraiser” on our Annual Solicitation Campaign page.

Teen Line is small, but mighty. With your generosity, you create the possibility of helping more teens find hope. Thank you for helping to change, and save, lives!


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