We are half-way through January and we wanted to ask you, “Did you have a New Year’s resolution?

On January 1st people all over the world vowed to eat better or become more physical. Some people wished to take more pictures or have more experiences. These are great goals! However, what about the New Year’s resolutions that involve our mental health? If physical health is just as important as our mental health, then why don’t why make it a priority? Let’s change that!

Don’t worry you don’t need a whole year to make a new New Year’s resolution, you can start now or whenever you are ready. If you need some inspiration, take them from Teen Line teens! Here are 16 mental health goals that can inspire and motivate you to make your mental health a priority this year!

1. “My mental health goal is to stop saying “I can’t” and say “I need to work on/improve on.” This way, I can work on my struggles, instead of thinking they are permanent.” – Sloan, 17

2. “One of my mental health goals this year is to get more sleep. I’ve noticed that staying up late can make me more emotionally unstable, and I think that being well rested gives me a more positive attitude.” Cameron, 16

3. “My mental health goal is to make an effort not to isolate myself. I can’t keep letting myself hide in my room on my computer. I need to branch out, go outside, and just do things instead of running from the world.” Paola, 15

4. “For my mental health goal for the new year, I plan on trying to do things that I actually want to do and will make me happy, not just to do something because I feel like I have to.”  Eve, 17

5. “My mental health goal is to make time to spend more personal time with each of my friends, instead of just gathering with them altogether in large groups.” Hayden, 17

6. “My goal is to become less dependent on my friends and get back to the things that make me happy and am individual.” Daniella, 17

7. “My mental health goal is to speak up when I feel excluded.” Kimia, 17

8. “My mental health goal is to be vulnerable as much as possible. I hope to not hide my feelings, for example, in conflict I will be honest about things someone has done that have hurt me, and if someone asks me how I am, I will answer honestly. If I’m having a bad day, why not just answer that I’ve been better? I’ve found that when I’m brave enough to be sincere, it encourages other people to be truthful, too.”  Eleanor, 17

9. “My mental health goal is to spend less time on my phone. I find myself wasting ridiculous amounts of time on it, and it has become a personal goal of mine to be more aware and conscientious of my usage.”  Bryce, 16

10. “My mental health goal is to be okay with failure. Sometimes I avoid challenges because I’m afraid I won’t succeed, so this year I want to persist through challenges even if I could fail.” Rhiannon, 16

11. “My mental health goal is to be more open when something makes me anxious or uncomfortable.” Kayla, 18

12. “My goal is to take the time to do the activities that I enjoy rather than those that my parents or friends think I should do. I want to spend my last year of childhood wisely and enjoy myself.” Sophie P., 17

13. “My mental health goal is to try not to let anxiety consume me, especially over small things throughout the day. Even reducing general anxiety by tiny bits will be an achievement.” Kiera, 16

14. “My mental health goal is to take a step back, breath, and assess before jumping into arguments.” Niyaz, 16

15. “My goal is to live more in the moment and not allow my anxiety to have the best of me.”  Adia, 16

16. “My mental health goal is to speak up when I’m not okay. I’m not a very externally-emotional person (I don’t cry that often) and sometimes that causes me to bottle up my emotions. It’s not healthy to do so and in 2019 I’m trying to be better at asking for help.” Chelsea, 16

Remember what works for one person, may not work for another. Stay true to yourself and do what works for you. If you need help figuring it all out, call Teen Line. Call us at 800-852-8336 from 6pm to 10pm PST or text “TEEN” to 839863 6pm to 9pm PST. We are here for you.



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