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      Annual TEEN LINE Food For Thought Luncheon

      You are invited to the 2014 annual TEEN LINE Food For Thought Luncheon, honoring Amy Pascal and Jenny Pascal. Taking place Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

      Price: from $150.00
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      Teen Suicide

      A brochure about teen suicide prevention.

      Price: $0.50
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      A brochure about what is bullying, warning signs, and tips on what to do for witnesses and victims of bullying.

      Price: $0.50
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      Youth Yellow Pages

      Teen Line’s Youth Yellow Pages provide helpful information on a range of teen issues.

      Price: $1.64
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      TEEN LINE Cards

      These cards provide contact information for TEEN LINE. Put them wherever teens hang out.

      Price: $0.22
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      Donate to TEEN LINE

      Please consider contributing to the amazing work of TEEN LINE and our awesome volunteers!

      Price: from $1.00
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      Child Abuse

      A DVD with information on child abuse.

      Price: $15.00
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      Teens Helping Teens

      A DVD with general information about TEEN LINE

      Price: $5.45
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      Suicide Prevention

      A brochure to help identify the signs of suicidal behavior in time to prevent a suicide.

      Price: $0.50