TEEN LINE has the unique ability to connect with teenagers because teens form the core of our organization … they speak the same language. We created our teen-to-teen Hotline and Community Outreach Program over 30 years ago, offering teenagers a “safe haven” – a place to talk things out with another teen in a nurturing, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Teens call because they trust us.

TEEN LINE offers several types of outreach presentations. Most presentations include Teen Line Listeners or youth panels. Outreach services are tailored to fit any schedule or population.

For example, presentations can be made to small groups such as classrooms, or groups as large as assemblies

Types of Outreach Presentations

  • The MORE THAN A HOTLINE . . . OUTREACH focuses on the overall TEEN LINE program and volunteer opportunities. We cover the five most common types of calls received on the hotline and how they are handled by Teen Line, with discussion and demonstration experientially.
  • The TEEN SUICIDE PREVENTION WORKSHOP presents the sensitive issue of teen suicide. It includes discussion of the warning signs of suicide and how to help a depressed or suicidal friend.
  • The TEEN SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT presents the warning signs of teen suicide and how best for officers to interact with teens in crisis and their families.
  • The TEEN LINE / SHELDON ANDELSON LGBT OUTREACH (“Growing Up Gay”) is presented by youth who share their personal experiences and answer questions on growing up gay. They openly discuss homosexuality and gender identity issues in order to dispel homophobic myths.
  • The DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE PREVENTION OUTREACH presents the issue of teen drug/alcohol abuse, and discusses the path to addiction, and the risks involved. Prevention methods and dealing with friends’ and parents’ substance abuse are also discussed.
  • The ANTI-BULLYING PRESENTATION  discusses the issue of bullying, including an emphasis on the impact CYBER-BULLYING has on teens today.
  • The TEEN DATING VIOLENCE OUTREACH focuses on the many forms of dating violence. Statistics and warning signs are covered in addition to how to offer or receive help.outreach table pic2


If you have questions about any of our outreach presentations, please contact one of TEEN LINE’s Outreach Coordinators.


Ani Hagopian -:- (310) 423-1602 -:- Ani@teenlineonline.org

Chris Angel Murphy -:- (310) 423-1619 -:- Chris@teenlineonline.org — LGBTQ Outreach


Bob Burt -:- (951) 675-4939 -:- bob@teenlineonline.org

For all other areas, please contact Ani Hagopian at (310) 423-1602.

If you would like to schedule on outreach, please fill out our Outreach Presentation Information Sheet by CLICKING HERE and submit to the email/fax provided on the sheet. Once we receive your form, you will be contacted by our Outreach Coordinator.